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Monthly Archives: June 2017

Barking and Dagenham Council wants millions to visit leisure centres

As part of its drive to get the borough in shape, Barking and Dagenham Council has tasked its newly appointed leisure provider with the mission to bring in two million visitors a year to the borough’s leisure centres and athletics stadium.

The challenge to Sports Leisure Management Ltd (SLM) – which was today named as ‘preferred bidder’ to manage the Abbey and Becontree Heath Leisure Centres and the Jim Peters Stadium – is to get more residents active and help the council’s healthy weight agenda in the borough that has one of the worst health rates in the UK.

Councillor Maureen Worby, Cabinet Member for Social Care and Health Integration at Barking and Dagenham Council, said: “We have one of the worst records on obesity and life expectancy in Britain and, while getting more people into our leisure centres is not the sole solution, it’s one of the ways to a healthier, fitter borough.

“It’s a key reason why we’re welcoming Sports and Leisure Management Ltd to Barking and Dagenham. SLM will not only maintain the borough’s reputation of having some of the best leisure centres in the country but will also massively increase opportunities for residents to get fit, to stay healthy and have fun!”

David Bibby, Managing Director of SLM, said: “It is a really exciting time for sports and leisure in the borough, and we are delighted to have been chosen to use our extensive skills and experience to get more people active.

“We are very much looking forward to working with the council to improve the health and wellbeing of the borough by offering an extensive range of sports and activity opportunities. By investing in the fantastic facilities and delivering exceptional services, we will support the council’s healthy weight agenda and help them achieve their goals.”
Everyone Active and Barking and Dagenham CouncilSLM, which trades as Everyone Active, is one of the country’s leading leisure centre operators, managing 147 sites in partnership with 44 local authorities. It will take on a 10-year contract, during which time it is committed to a 35% increase in activity levels in the centres, rising to a total of 2 million visits to the centres per year.

The appointment follows an exhaustive nine-month tender process which attracted some of the best-known leisure operators in the country.

In making the appointment, the council aims to increase income and boost activity levels among residents and to ensure that the facilities are maintained to the highest possible standards, protecting the council’s recent multi-million pound investment.

Under the plan, the council will continue to own the leisure centres and the stadium but the new operator will run them. Legal contracts will ensure that the activities remain affordable to local residents and that key existing activities and concessions continue. There are also safeguards for existing clubs and groups that use the centres. SLM will be incentivised to develop new and exciting ways for people to get active.

Existing staff will become direct employees of the new operator and their terms and conditions will be protected by the Transfer of Undertakings, Protection of Employment legislation, commonly known as TUPE.

Why would you want to be a Lifeguard?

There may be many good reasons to be a lifeguard. Awareness of the role of lifeguards could be about to increase soon (with credit to Zac Efron, The Rock and co) which can only be a good thing. The new Baywatch movie may well make a few more people think that training to be a lifeguard would be an awesome thing to do. Do you know what – it actually is!

maxresdefault from the baywatch movie

© The Baywatch Movie

© The Baywatch Movie

Training to be a lifeguard is a great idea for many reasons.  Here are just some of the things we think make being a lifeguard a brilliant idea.

Being a lifeguard saves lives.

It really is that simple. Learning the skills that equip you to save someone’s life is just incredible. The great thing is that those skills stay with you forever. Whatever you go on to do later in life, you will always have the skills that essentially make you a life saver.

It keeps you fit!

All the training and swimming suits you if you love to be fit, healthy and active. Being a lifeguard helps others to do the same, and a lifeguard is always a role model of the pool area.

It looks great on a CV

Being a lifeguard could be your first step on the ladder of a lifelong career in the fitness industry – it is a great place to start. The skills you learn stay with you for a long time. You will get a fantastic insight into the frontline and backroom operations of a public-facing leisure service, dealing with all the highs and lows that being an active part of a leisure team entails.

When you’re looking to move up in your leisure career, then your stint as a lifeguard will be sure to give you some great stories to share in a job interview. Being a lifeguard is always going to be a great ice-breaker whether it’s in a job interview, or on a first date – once you have trained and worked as a lifeguard people will always want to hear about it!

Lifeguard jobs uk

It has a lot of kudos

Who wants to work in a call centre, or flip burgers as a summer job, when you can wow everyone with your tales of heroism as a lifeguard? Even if you’re lucky enough not to have needed to use your lifesaving skills all season, it still sounds pretty awesome, and you get to hang out at a place of fun all summer, rather than being cooped up in a kitchen or an office.

You may not have to use your saving skills daily, but there are other things you will do which will be appreciated by others, whether it’s to help a less-mobile person in and out of the pool, or stopping an excited child from running and smashing their head open (spoilsport!). Check out the hashtag #EverydayHero from the RLSS to find some fantastic examples. Not all heroes wear capes.

Friends for life

Lifeguarding is a team effort, and the ties you make with like-minded people right now could be the key to your future success. Your new found BFF might go on to be a hiring manager at a swanky leisure company, and they may remember the time you both spent together checking PH levels and dishing out pool noodles at that local authority leisure centre when they need to hire their next leisure exec.

Lifeguards are friends for life

Want to be a lifeguard?

There is lots of up-to-date information about exactly what the NPLQ course entails and how to renew your lifeguard qualification here

It’s true that not everyone wants to train to be a lifeguard, but if you do – it is because you are special and we think you will make a very special lifeguard too. If you want more information about lifeguard training and vacancies near to where you are then please get in touch. Our lifeguard recruitment team can help with all aspects of careers in the leisure industry. We like lifeguards so much we have a complete division dedicated to it!

Learn more about our lifeguard recruitment team at

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