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Category Archives: Jobseeker Info

Don’t get caught out by recruitment scams

A recent episode of Rip off Britain got us talking in the office about employment scams. The episode, in particular, involved a scam where a course was sold to a man who wanted to be qualified to take on a position on an off-shore oil rig.

The ‘sellers’ of the course – a ‘recruitment agency’ had in fact over charged by hundreds of pounds and then promptly disappeared by the end of it and were of no help in sourcing work for him.

You can watch the full episode at 

Recruitment scams

Like ‘modelling job’ scams, where hopefuls are asked to pay out hundreds of pounds for a portfolio of photographs, only to never get a single modelling job, we recommend you stay away from any sort of job that asks for up-front payments. If these recruiters were sure you’d secure work with them, they’d be the ones paying for your portfolio or essential training.

Beware the ‘recruiters’ too which promise to refund your expenses once they’ve found you a job. What incentive do they have to find you work if it means not only would they need to pay you for the job but also refund your expenses? Think about not only what’s in for you, but also what’s in it for them before you start down a path with any recruiter.

These aren’t the only way in which a recruiter (fake or otherwise) can make money from you to your detriment.

Beware umbrella payment companies

A recent complication in the world of recruitment is the reform of the IR35 regulations. These reforms have seen an upsurge in Umbrella payment companies. There has been much concern in the media about what some of these companies actually do

Some firms were reported to be offering payment via contractor loan schemes and suggesting this would reduce taxable income. However, the government clearly explains how this method of payment can result in penalties, interest and additional taxes.

Umbrella payment companies are not illegal, and not immoral in themselves. However, we often find that people blindly trust an umbrella payment company without questioning some of the deductions they make. While pay rates for temporary staff may tend to be more attractive on the face of it, the take-home pay can often be less than they would expect, and even less than if they were on a PAYE scheme.

For information about off-payroll working rules, the government provides some guidance here

Whilst some Umbrella companies are fully compliant with regulations, many charge workers for their payroll services.

How then is it possible to avoid some of the scammers that are out there in the world of recruitment, temporary work and umbrella companies?

  • Stick to well-known and respected well-established recruitment agencies.
  • If you use an Umbrella company ensure it is fully compliant and ASK what those deductions are on your payslip.
  • If you are offered a course with a job at the end of it, check the ‘recruitment’ company out; if someone offers you something that appears to be too good to be true, chances are it may well be.

There are also schemes called PAYE Umbrella which gives the impression that people are being paid PAYE but actually it’s just a version of an Umbrella scheme being sold under a different name.

Protect yourself by arming yourself with knowledge.

We are always available for help and guidance in your leisure job seeking. Your consultant can answer all your questions about your pay. Not sure if a company is reputable? Then stick with us!




What did you do for your work experience?

This week, we have been entertained by the wonderful Eddie, a young man who decided to do his two weeks’ work experience with the disarray that is Southern Rail. In a move that could be either madness or genius, 15-year old Eddie was tasked with manning their Twitter feed, and although it could have turned out pretty badly, the result was awesome, with Eddie and the obliging public creating a welcome break from all the complaints and attacks that Southern Rail has inevitably experienced.

You didn’t see it? Learn more at

Southern Rail

© Southern Rail

His story has got us talking about how we spent our work experience weeks. Were they two weeks of valuable insight into the world of work? Or were we just glad to get out of school for a while?

We asked around the 4 Leisure Recruitment team to see if our work experience experiences were anywhere near as good as Eddie’s.

Martyn Senior spent 4 weeks in the Microbiology Department of Hope Children’s Hospital in the summer of ‘83.  He said “A rare heat wave in Manchester at a time before air-conditioning was common place, so working with children’s faecal samples wasn’t great for my health or appetite that summer! Spending prolonged periods on my own with little human contact (bar the samples) helped me to realise I should pursue a career where there was a constant buzz.”

Leisure recruitment certainly has a buzz and (generally) you’re dealing with something more fragrant!

Work experience in a lab

Jean Wing Hing did his work experience at the Pavilion Leisure Centre in Bromley shortly after it was built.

He says “I spent two hellish weeks on poolside in about 80 degrees shadowing a lifeguard and duty manager. I could barely swim at the time. Although this was in the early 90s! Some 20+ years later, I’m still in the leisure industry. Doing less poolside duties these days.”

Swimming jobs

James Proctor also did his work experience in the leisure industry, by spending “two weeks cleaning mirrors in a gym”. Still, it taught him a couple of valuable lessons he’s carried with him to the present day. “I learnt 1) never to work for that company again because they didn’t understand what the whole point of work experience was, and 2) I definitely never want to be a window cleaner!”

cleaning jobs

Work experience is certainly a good way of working out what you don’t want to do, as much as inspiring you to take up something you would never have considered.

Peter Brooks spent two weeks working at an accountancy firm. If nothing else “…it made me realise that not every role is a glamorous one – I understood the amount of work people go through behind the scenes and how that work can look (effectively quite mundane and repetitive in the world of accountancy) and whilst I have always been quite good with numbers I knew from then on I wasn’t suited to the life of an accountant, I would be bored stiff and needed something with a bit more uncertainty in the daily life. So it shaped my career in the sense it allowed me to rule out one potential avenue that I could have taken.”

Leisure recruitment

No-one from the team has yet beaten Lizi Turner’s experience. She says….

“We had to line up our own work experience in our own free time at my school, so I rang the Assistant Editor of ‘Mizz’ magazine to ask if I could shadow her and to my amazement, she agreed! First exposure to an office environment and this one had a young, creative and laid back vibe, which I was loving.  At 15 I was made to feel like one of the team; from opening reader letters and choosing the ones to publish, to assisting the fashion and makeup photo shoots.  Their sample room was like Aladdin’s cave and I was allowed to choose what I liked to take home but the best bit was appointing my little sister as a ‘make-over model’ for the next edition…. Great memories and published images of my sister in the magazine to bribe her with for the rest our lives! “

Work experience in beauty

Some good memories, and some not so good, but valuable all the same!

What did you do for your work experience?

Fitness jobs from 4Leisure Recruitment

Fitness jobs

Fitness has been a growing industry in the UK for a long time. Even with more and more people switching to budget gyms, the demand for fitness professionals has not waned. In fact, with the trend for better value activities such as group training, good fitness instructors are in increasing demand. Clients are looking for results and fast, and personal training is becoming the norm, rather than the preserve of the rich.  If you are looking for fitness jobs, then 4Leisure Recruitment are the recruitment people for you.

Here are a selection of the fitness jobs we have available right now.

Member Service Manager – Fitness professional required to improve customer experience and improve membership retention rates at a fitness club in the High Wycombe area. We are looking for someone with a fitness background and some experience in sales/customer service.  Salary of £18k – £20k plus bonus.

Personal Trainers – for a 24-hour gym in Hemel Hempstead. This is a role which works on a revenue share basis (60:40 in your favour). Experienced or newly-qualified PTs welcome, must be REPS3 or above. Good earning potential with flexibility.

Gym and Spa Supervisor – Kensington, London. Hands-on varied role overseeing the operations of a high end leisure facility. Must have Level 2 fitness qualifications, and previous supervisor experience. Additional qualifications in PT, massage therapy, or similar preferred but not essential. Permanent, full-time, £18k salary.

Fitness Instructor – part-time for private health club in London Docklands. REPS Level 2 minimum. Customer service duties included. Working on a rota basis, this is a permanent position offering £9.15 per hour.

Fitness and Wellbeing Instructor – on a part-time basis for private high-end apartments in South West London. Working in a private facility including a gym, pool, and sauna, there are opportunities for PT and massage therapy as well as the required inductions, and leading group exercise sessions. Permanent position, starting at £7 per hour. Fantastic fitness job with good development opportunities.

Lifeguard Duty Manager – a more challenging role for a NPLQ qualified lifeguard at a unique leisure facility in South East London. Permanent role, 35 hours a week for a good £16k – £18k per annum. Fantastic opportunity for someone to develop their experience and skills in the leisure sector. If you’re not NPLQ qualified, then please get in touch. We currently have roles in High Wycombe with NPLQ training included.

Do you want to be a personal trainer but don’t know where to start? Check out this article from FutureFit

If any of these fitness jobs sound attractive to you, then please call us on 01895 450640, or email your current CV to

The joy of summer jobs


Summer jobs

Summer jobs are a fab way of gaining experience and earning that all-important money to get you through the rest of the year. Summer jobs are popular with university students who can work full-time during the summer break, but you don’t have to be a student to do a summer job. You could do extra work during the summer on top of your regular day job, or swap and change between jobs depending on the season, doing outdoor leisure jobs through the summer, and going back to an office job in the autumn.

Summer jobs are often fairly flexible. They may not be the best paid of jobs but you can often choose your own shifts, working around your other commitments. You could also just throw yourself into the job full-time, getting the money and experience while you have nothing much else going on in your life.

There are a whole host of temp summer jobs, both full-time and part-time to do. Some are more popular than others and fill up quickly, so get out there ASAP. Popular choices include going abroad to work at a summer camp. These are usually poorly paid but provide a wealth of experience and the opportunity to travel, and to spend your summer somewhere a bit sunnier.

We’re a big fan of summer jobs here at 4Leisure Recruitment. In the leisure industry, there’s a fair few jobs which are seasonal, and are a brilliant way of gaining experience and getting your foot on the leisure career ladder.

Over the years, our own staff have done an array of seasonal, part-time jobs. Some are leisure related, and some not so much, however all the jobs we have done have helped us along on our career path, and we would not be who or where we are today if we hadn’t done them. Summer jobs can be a fantastic way of learning more about yourself and what you enjoy doing.

I asked around the office to see what jobs we have done and this is what came back.

“When I left school, I started making hand-made cards and sold them”

“When I was under 16 and unable to get a part-time job, I helped out at my Grandma’s florists”

“I sold men’s suits in a shop in Leeds” 

 “I coached kids multi-sports”

 “I delivered bakery products”

 “I ran a cocktail bar”

 “I instructed people how to drive minibuses”

 We all agree that the jobs we did, no matter how unglamorous they may seem, make us who we are today and have helped us to find out more about ourselves – whether this was finding out that we really love working with kids, or never want to smell freshly baked bread ever again.

If you are looking for a summer job in the leisure industry, please get in touch with us today.

How to……lifeguard jobs

lifeguard jobs

We have a good selection of lifeguard jobs on our site at the moment. Whether you want to work in a municipal indoor pool, a retro lido, or one of the UK’s many beaches, with the summer season just around the corner, employers of all kinds are looking for lifeguards.

Being a lifeguard may sound a bit mundane but it’s actually a very good entry level role for the leisure industry, and equips you with essential skills in health & safety, customer service, and first aid. Lifeguard jobs are a great way of gaining front-line leisure experience and can be a foot-in-the-door for better-paid roles. Many high level leisure managers started their careers as lifeguards.

Lifeguard jobs are highly flexible. You can usually do as few or as many shifts as you want, and hours are often available from early morning to late night seven days a week. You can work as a lifeguard to earn money while studying, or as an extra income around another job.

Becoming a lifeguard is relatively easy. If you have a good level of fitness, can swim, and have a good attitude, then getting qualified is quite straightforward.

Here’s how to do it….

The internationally-recognised NPLQ (National Pool Lifeguard Qualification) or its beach equivalent the NBLQ is essential. Course fees are typically up to £250 but many course providers are fully funded subject to your circumstances, so ask around about funding eligibility before you commit to paying for a course.

The training involves classroom theory work, practical pool rescue skills, first aid, CPR, and life-saving skills. You undertake at least 36 hours of training. To start training you must be able to fulfil certain criteria. These are…

  • Minimum age of 16
  • You must be able to….

o   … get in and out of the pool without using the pool ladder
o   ….swim 50m in less than 60 seconds
o   ….swim 100m continuously
o   ….tread water for 30 seconds
o   ….jump/dive into deep water
o   …surface dive to the floor of the pool

The NPLQ/NBLQ is valid for two years, during which you must complete a further 20 hours training, and then renew. You can find more about completing the course at the website of the RLSS

To find a job as a lifeguard you can…..

Search specialist recruitment websites such as 4LeisureRecruitment and register for email alerts of suitable jobs.

Look at websites and newsletters of the following types of companies likely to need poolside staff…

  • Holiday parks, both in the UK and abroad
  • Private leisure facilities and gym chains
  • Your local council for its public leisure facilities and beaches
  • Your local RNLI who look after many of the UKs beaches
  • Hotels with private pools
  • Day spas
  • Water parks

Always have your CV ready to send off quickly. If you need help building a CV, please check out our website – CV advice and tips

Let any lifeguard friends know you are looking just in case a job becomes available at their workplace.

Becoming a lifeguard is fairly straightforward and can give you access to a range of fun and flexible jobs which help you to build experience and knowledge which can springboard you up the leisure career ladder.

Good luck!

Why would you not want to be an open-air lifeguard with places like these?

lifeguard jobs

Whether you prefer the retro-chic of a lido, or are happy to risk it in less-glamorous open-water, outdoor swimming is undergoing a real renaissance. Many old lidos are being put back into service, and facilities created around popular open-water swimming spots to encourage more people to swim.

We currently have lifeguard jobs in many parts of the UK, especially for Rutland Water where we need lifeguards to work on the brand new lake beach facility from June to September. If you fancy a summer job with a difference and want to be play a part in the success of the new facility, then please visit our website to learn more – Lifeguard jobs in Rutland

Here’s a few places where you can swim in the lovely British sunshine!

The Helix in Falkirk, Scotland – A brand new lagoon has been opened at The Helix in Falkirk. It looks absolutely beautiful and is sure to be as bracing as Scotland itself.

Courtesy of

Heron Lake, Middlesex – Heron Lake is one of the largest outdoor swimming lakes in England and is in easy reach of the M25. The lake is open to swimmers of all abilities and sessions start at just £5 but has limited times available so please check out their website.

Abbey Meadows Outdoor Pool, Oxfordshire – Open from May to September, Abbey Meadows is open seven days a week and works on a session basis. The pools are suitable for children and lessons are available. The sessions are surprisingly cheap.

Askham Outdoor Pool, The Lake District – Due to open sometime in June, the two pools at Askham will be open in afternoons through the summer holiday season. Surrounded by the lush green that the Lake District is famed for, this is bound to be a lovely place to take a dip.

The Serpentine Lido, London – One of the most famous park lakes in the world has its own cordoned-off swimming section with beach. Open daily throughout the summer, with a terrace and a children’s play area, this is the perfect way to cool down on a hot London day.

Tooting Bec Lido, London – Possibly the most famous open air lido of them all, Tooting Bec Lido has been operating since 1906, and has been used as a film set, and a competition venue, as well as a public pool.

Ilkley Lido, Yorkshire – For those hardier Yorkshire folk, the lido at Ilkley has been providing outdoor swimming since 1935. It is also an unusual and interesting mushroom shape.

Have you been outdoor swimming? What are your favourite venues?

4Leisure get social!

There’s no doubt that social media has been a huge phenomenon over the last few years. Since the days of MySpace and various rivals in the 2000s, all sorts of people have been finding their favourite platforms to socialise and network online.

As a specialist recruitment agency we understand that social media can be both a threat and an opportunity to our operations. While in theory it can mean that companies can do their own recruiting for very little cost, we have found that it’s not such a black-and-white picture. There are still advantages to using an agency, and getting the word out about a vacancy is just a very small part of a successful recruitment process.

Nevertheless, we see social media as a good thing for recruiters and job seekers alike. You may have noticed our growing social media presence recently as we get more comfortable with using it and are finding it to be a useful tool for reaching job seekers and broaden our many and varied candidate pools. It’s also a lot of fun!

If you ‘do’ social media, then please come and say hello to us. We are on…..


Please come and like us at 4LeisureRecruitment. On here we share all of our jobs, and news items you may find interesting. We also have a Job of the Week every Friday. Facebook is a great platform and there’s not many people who haven’t heard of it, or use it. By Facebook’s last figures, there are more adults on Facebook than not. Facebook is popular with all ages, and for many people is the only social network they use. It is sometimes a struggle because Facebook are trying to get companies to pay-to-play and are squeezing the filters even tighter. If you want to see all our posts, please come and visit our page regularly as it’s inevitable that you will miss some jobs and you never know, the one you miss might be the perfect job for you!

If you’re interested specifically in Lifeguard or Spa jobs, we also have separate pages for these too.  We post up the relevant jobs here as well as industry chat.


We LOVE Twitter! Twitter has been the fastest growing social network over the last few years with around 135,000 new accounts created every day. There are over 2 billion active searches on Twitter worldwide daily.

Twitter is a great way of reaching a younger audience. Those searching for entry level jobs are active on there, shunning the now uncool Facebook in favour of something faster and sharper.

We post all our jobs up on Twitter automatically – as soon as the job is on our website, it’s also on Twitter. Twitter is very fast-moving and if you blink, you’ll miss a tweet or two, but the searchability makes Twitter a winner for us. You want a #job as a beauty therapist? Do the search and you’ll find lots, and some of them will be ours!

Come and follow us over there. We have a main account – @4Leisure – one for lifeguards @4Lifeguards, and one for Spa and Beauty @4LeisureSpa


We are on LinkedIn! Are you? We have a company page at 4Leisure Recruitment, and a discussion group at 4Leisure group.

We find LinkedIn is a fantastic way of reaching out to those looking for a management or senior role, and for keeping up with industry developments with professionals who are not necessarily active on Facebook.

This article from Recruitment Buzz discussed whether LinkedIn is the biggest threat to us as recruiters, but we certainly don’t think so. Sharing news of job vacancies is only one part of the process, and LinkedIn has given us just another way of sharing those vacancies. If anything, LinkedIn is helping us to reach you or your next brilliant employee.

Using LinkedIn in tandem with more mass-market platforms such as Facebook allows us to reach employers and candidates all the way up and down the job ladder.


We are also on Google +. Yes, it’s not mass-market yet and it’s still full of IT professionals and bloggers, but Google+ will be popular soon and we’re getting ahead of the curve! Google have invested a lot of time, money, and effort into making Google+ the ultimate social network and we have to admit that it’s pretty good. It has the best of all the social networks – you can have one-way relationships like Twitter, with the content-rich postings of Facebook. We love the AutoAwesome feature, and are looking forward to using it more.

If you’re on Google+, please come and connect with us over there and we’ll muddle through together.

And if you’re looking for a job using social media?

Our advice to you is to do it! Use Twitter to search for vacancies, like Facebook pages of recruitment agencies operating in your industry, and get on LinkedIn. Make your profiles searchable and let people come and find you too. Project an online image which is desirable to employers, and get networking.


Meet the Team: Our Spa and Beauty Jobs Specialist Shelly.

Spa and Beauty Jobs

Shelly Dawett

Meet Shelly Dawett, the specialist recruiter for our spa and beauty division. Shelly has a wealth of experience of matching beauty professionals to jobs everywhere from boutique salons to 5* spa hotels.

Shelly has her brains picked on a regular basis by recruits and employers alike. So she’s kindly given us some answers to some of the more common questions.

In no particular order, here are some of Shelly’s Q&As.

Q – How do I make the transition from salon to premium spa?

It is important a beauty therapist understands that there is a lot more involved in their job role other than being able to perform a treatment, or socialising in a salon, especially for those wishing to pursue a career within premium and exclusive spas. A treatment cannot simply be good it must be memorable. It is imperative that therapists make their clients feel as comfortable as possible by being welcoming, friendly, and responsive to their needs. Always aim to be personable; a client wants to remember who is responsible for making them feel happy, relaxed, and stress free. We find that the premium spas require much higher standards of professionalism and grooming and the ability to go the extra mile is vital. It’s also well worth continuing with your own personal development. It demonstrates you are committed to your career and a range of qualifications on your CV will get you noticed by the more exclusive spas.

Q – How important is image in the spa industry?

Therapists will always carry out their work in close contact to their clients therefore they must ensure high standards of personal hygiene and grooming are kept at all times. No one would feel confident in having a treatment by a therapist who fails to take pride in their appearance. Premium spas will always look for therapists who can accurately reflect their brand both in appearance and conduct.

When working within a premium spa environment beauty therapists must demonstrate a high degree of professionalism and courtesy at all times. Making sure they give their clients full care and attention is of the utmost importance. Quality spas tend to attract a lot of attention and therapists will find that often they will have very busy agendas. Excellent time keeping is essential as no client wants to be kept waiting to have their treatment or feel neglected. This means building in time to turn the room around and prescribe products without making the client feel like the treatment is being cut short.

In essence, if you’re well groomed, articulate with a strong work ethic and professional manner, you’ll stand a much better chance of securing work in the more exclusive spas.

Q – Why the beauty and spa industry?

I have a genuine passion for beauty. I find the beauty industry is forever evolving and always in demand. Whether it be new treatments being explored or products being launched there is something different to discover every day. This is evident due to the vast amount of spa businesses opening or being transformed across the UK.

I get to meet business owners who have a passion for delivering exciting new services and products but who really want to make their client feel special, and I get to speak to therapists who are passionate about what they do and really appreciate the opportunities that we can offer them.

There are many exciting opportunities to take advantage of and it is great to be a part of an industry continuing to develop.

If you’ve got any questions for Shelly, or any of our specialist recruiters, please get in touch.

If it’s beauty and spa jobs you’re looking for, then please come and search on our website. 

How to…….Spa and Beauty Jobs

As specialist recruiters to the leisure industry, and with a dedicated recruiter just for spa and beauty jobs, we are often asked what it takes to get a job as a beauty therapist in a day spa or spa resort.

While we have recruited and placed therapists from many different backgrounds and with different levels of experience, this is what we recommend to you if you fancy a career in spa and beauty


While not 100% essential in every case, we highly recommend you start with NVQs in Beauty Therapy. Level Two is standard, with a lot of candidates gaining Level Three. Start with your local college and ask about relevant courses, or speak to your careers centre. If your local college doesn’t provide this course, then there are online courses available. Check out the City & Guilds website for more information.  As for optional modules, you should take whatever interests you because any career you get out of studying you may be doing for a while. However, for working in a spa specifically, learning treatments such as massage and facials will put you in a better position than nails and hair. It’s also not a bad idea to have studied reception skills, and upselling.

Check what funding is available to you with your qualification provider. As a rule, funding is generally available for post-16 study in a college setting, but is less likely for an online course. Again, speak to your careers service to find out what may be available to you.

Spa jobs

Work Experience

In this increasingly competitive work environment, having qualifications alone is not always a guarantee of success. While many college courses come with a work placement, this will still be up to you to secure the placement. By having some work experience in a spa or salon environment you will have an edge over those who do not. Even just by working as a shampooist in your local salon one morning a week, it will help convince employers that you are serious about a career in spa and beauty therapy.

Having a previous employer is also brilliant in getting you those essential references, whether for a training course or a job.


Working in a health and beauty spa can be physically demanding. You can be on your feet all day long, or perched on uncomfortable stools, or up and down constantly. Your own health is essential. Employers need to be sure that you can handle the demands of spa jobs, so keeping yourself fit and healthy is a good move, not only for your employment prospects, but for your own sake.

Self-presentation is exceedingly important. No customer wants to be treated by someone who looks like they neglect themselves. Keep yourself clean, tidy, and refreshed, and set a good example to clients.

Your personal attitude is very important. Customers come to spas to relax in a safe environment. You must be able to put customers at ease, and respect privacy at all times. Confidentiality is key and no-one likes a gossip!

So if you have the personal skills, qualifications, and work experience and are seeking your next step on the spa and beauty career ladder, talk to us today. 

Personal Trainer and Fitness Jobs in The Middle East!

The Middle East Health & Leisure Market, is possibly one of the most emerging markets in the well-being industry at this point in time. We at 4LeisureRecruitment have a new partner in the Gulf who is recruiting for expanding & successful teams! We are looking for charismatic, qualified instructors to join the most exclusive private members’ clubs, Personal Training Studios and Mobile PT platforms in the Middle East.

If you are a motivated, enthusiastic trainer who is qualified in Personal Training and/or Group Exercise (e.g. Pump, Spinning, Yoga, Pilates and Functional Training, CrossFit) we’d love to hear from you.

You might lead group exercise classes, work the gym floor or Personal Train, but all of this will be with executive clientele in often brand new facilities.

In addition of base salaries, you will generate high levels of Personal Training revenue. You will be part of an international team from all parts of the world, that serves mainly Arabic clientele. All Clubs, CrossFit boxes or PT studios have amazing facilities and impressive management. You will be expected to enhance the reputation of the establishment through your fitness expertise and ability to connect with clients and members.

 In return, you’ll get an excellent monthly basic TAX FREE salary and/or commission on all paid services. Depending on the job on offer you might also benefit from free accommodation, free recruitment flight and free medical care.

The Gulf Countries are modern, safe and sunny countries and are ideally placed for travel to Europe, Thailand, Asia and other areas of the Middle East, at great prices. This is fantastic opportunity to experience another culture and enjoy an excellent, fun working environment while saving some money!

Check out the vacancies available……

Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer (female)

Mobile Personal Trainer

Cross Fit Instructor

Get in touch soon for what could be the opportunity of a lifetime!

Email your CV to for more opportunities like this.

Some of Our Clients