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Affiliates and Partners

UK Spa Association
We are a not-for-profit, impartial body comprised of members and partners from across the UK spa, salon and wellness sector.  Our uncompromising focus is a world that truly embraces all the benefits of spa including the positive physical and... more
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Our Mission To grow the UKSA membership base by providing true value for money, both resource wise and financially. Additionally we will champion the positive contribution made by the spa industry to UK health, social and economic wellness and wellbeing, while driving continuous improvement in quality training, high standards, inclusiveness and professionalism at all levels within the trade. Our ultimate objective is to increase market growth and share of wallet for the wider spa industry.

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The Training Room
Here at The Training Room we are specialists at connecting people with opportunities by providing focused, thorough training and an invaluable careers service. Whether you want to be a Personal Personal Trainer, Beauty Therapist, or... more
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The Training Room are a full service careers provider. We provide high quality professional training across a range of industries, underpinning our approach with the fundamental belief that our role is to support every student before, during and after their training in order to provide the best start to their career possible.

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TEAM is the largest network of independent recruiters in the UK. TEAM provides recruitment and employment services to its membership enabling its Members to provide all the benefits associated with a local independent recruiter whilst at... more
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TEAM is the largest network of independent recruiters in the UK.

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