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Cover Ninja is the go-to app for group exercise instructors allowing them to quickly and easily find cover for their classes as well as pick up additional cover work and earn more money!  

The ultimate community of qualified instructors, Cover Ninja transforms the long-winded, manual class cover process into a simple, efficient and targeted method, replacing outdated cover lists and using technology to do all the hard work behind the scenes.
Instructors are in control of what cover requests they receive as they set their location, availability, pay rate and the class categories they teach so that any cover opportunities they receive are specific to them.  Equally, instructors never miss out on opportunities due to Cover Ninja’s instant and automated push notifications that come direct to the instructor’s phone.  Round-robin cover messages are a thing of the past and instructors no longer need to be active on multiple platforms as Cover Ninja does it all. 

Cover Ninja is not just a platform for instructors, it’s for venues too! When a venue uses Cover Ninja, their instructors’ classes are pre-loaded and the venue can set their preferences and prerequisites of who they want to cover.  So, when an instructor can’t teach their class, they simply choose the class they need cover for and post a cover request in a matter of moments.  Cover Ninja’s clever algorithm knows who to send the request to and who to choose based on the venue’s criteria, time sensitivities as well as any additional preferences that the instructor has set. 

Once confirmed to cover a class, the cover instructor has access to much more information about the class and venue they are covering in, designed to provide them with all the tools they need to feel confident and deliver an awesome class.  With Cover Ninja, an instructor no longer needs to trawl back through old messages, as everything is available at the click of the button, all the way from venue contact details to invoicing information.

For more info visit www.coverninja.co.uk

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