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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Meet the Team: Our Spa and Beauty Jobs Specialist Shelly.

Spa and Beauty Jobs

Shelly Dawett

Meet Shelly Dawett, the specialist recruiter for our spa and beauty division. Shelly has a wealth of experience of matching beauty professionals to jobs everywhere from boutique salons to 5* spa hotels.

Shelly has her brains picked on a regular basis by recruits and employers alike. So she’s kindly given us some answers to some of the more common questions.

In no particular order, here are some of Shelly’s Q&As.

Q – How do I make the transition from salon to premium spa?

It is important a beauty therapist understands that there is a lot more involved in their job role other than being able to perform a treatment, or socialising in a salon, especially for those wishing to pursue a career within premium and exclusive spas. A treatment cannot simply be good it must be memorable. It is imperative that therapists make their clients feel as comfortable as possible by being welcoming, friendly, and responsive to their needs. Always aim to be personable; a client wants to remember who is responsible for making them feel happy, relaxed, and stress free. We find that the premium spas require much higher standards of professionalism and grooming and the ability to go the extra mile is vital. It’s also well worth continuing with your own personal development. It demonstrates you are committed to your career and a range of qualifications on your CV will get you noticed by the more exclusive spas.

Q – How important is image in the spa industry?

Therapists will always carry out their work in close contact to their clients therefore they must ensure high standards of personal hygiene and grooming are kept at all times. No one would feel confident in having a treatment by a therapist who fails to take pride in their appearance. Premium spas will always look for therapists who can accurately reflect their brand both in appearance and conduct.

When working within a premium spa environment beauty therapists must demonstrate a high degree of professionalism and courtesy at all times. Making sure they give their clients full care and attention is of the utmost importance. Quality spas tend to attract a lot of attention and therapists will find that often they will have very busy agendas. Excellent time keeping is essential as no client wants to be kept waiting to have their treatment or feel neglected. This means building in time to turn the room around and prescribe products without making the client feel like the treatment is being cut short.

In essence, if you’re well groomed, articulate with a strong work ethic and professional manner, you’ll stand a much better chance of securing work in the more exclusive spas.

Q – Why the beauty and spa industry?

I have a genuine passion for beauty. I find the beauty industry is forever evolving and always in demand. Whether it be new treatments being explored or products being launched there is something different to discover every day. This is evident due to the vast amount of spa businesses opening or being transformed across the UK.

I get to meet business owners who have a passion for delivering exciting new services and products but who really want to make their client feel special, and I get to speak to therapists who are passionate about what they do and really appreciate the opportunities that we can offer them.

There are many exciting opportunities to take advantage of and it is great to be a part of an industry continuing to develop.

If you’ve got any questions for Shelly, or any of our specialist recruiters, please get in touch.

If it’s beauty and spa jobs you’re looking for, then please come and search on our website. 

Leisure Recruitment News – February 2014

We’ve been keeping our eye on the leisure industry news (naturally) and thought we would share our pick with you.

1 – The Number of UK employees aged over 60 to increase

This is fairly obvious considering the increase in the state pension age, but is it a bad thing? This article explores why the workforce is ageing and what it means for employers and employees. Do you expect to be working when you’re past 60 or even 70? Read more at

2 – Pure Gym and the Gym Group agree to merge

Following a spate of gyms following the low-cost, no-frills model, two established gym companies start the process of merging. We’ll hear more on this story very soon no doubt. We wish them all the best. Read more at

3 – 10 Social Recruitment Articles Not To Be Missed

We are avid users of social media here at 4Leisure Recruitment and use it to find recruits as well as advertise our services to companies looking to recruit. This great signposting article has been bookmarked! Everything is covered here from using LinkedIn to find candidates, to the pros and cons of using social media for recruitment. Great food for thought for anyone using social media to recruit or to be recruited. Read more at

4 –  Crossfit: Extreme, Controversial, and Addictive

Crossfit has grown in popularity over the last decade but is steeped in controversy. The Guardian looks into why, and investigates how crossfit has developed. Read more at

And finally……

5 – Does a dress code suit your staff?

An article that promoted debate in the 4Leisure Recruitment office! What are the benefits of having a dress code for employees and employers? Read more at

If you’ve got any leisure recruitment stories you’d like to share with us, then please get in touch!

How to…….Spa and Beauty Jobs

As specialist recruiters to the leisure industry, and with a dedicated recruiter just for spa and beauty jobs, we are often asked what it takes to get a job as a beauty therapist in a day spa or spa resort.

While we have recruited and placed therapists from many different backgrounds and with different levels of experience, this is what we recommend to you if you fancy a career in spa and beauty


While not 100% essential in every case, we highly recommend you start with NVQs in Beauty Therapy. Level Two is standard, with a lot of candidates gaining Level Three. Start with your local college and ask about relevant courses, or speak to your careers centre. If your local college doesn’t provide this course, then there are online courses available. Check out the City & Guilds website for more information.  As for optional modules, you should take whatever interests you because any career you get out of studying you may be doing for a while. However, for working in a spa specifically, learning treatments such as massage and facials will put you in a better position than nails and hair. It’s also not a bad idea to have studied reception skills, and upselling.

Check what funding is available to you with your qualification provider. As a rule, funding is generally available for post-16 study in a college setting, but is less likely for an online course. Again, speak to your careers service to find out what may be available to you.

Spa jobs

Work Experience

In this increasingly competitive work environment, having qualifications alone is not always a guarantee of success. While many college courses come with a work placement, this will still be up to you to secure the placement. By having some work experience in a spa or salon environment you will have an edge over those who do not. Even just by working as a shampooist in your local salon one morning a week, it will help convince employers that you are serious about a career in spa and beauty therapy.

Having a previous employer is also brilliant in getting you those essential references, whether for a training course or a job.


Working in a health and beauty spa can be physically demanding. You can be on your feet all day long, or perched on uncomfortable stools, or up and down constantly. Your own health is essential. Employers need to be sure that you can handle the demands of spa jobs, so keeping yourself fit and healthy is a good move, not only for your employment prospects, but for your own sake.

Self-presentation is exceedingly important. No customer wants to be treated by someone who looks like they neglect themselves. Keep yourself clean, tidy, and refreshed, and set a good example to clients.

Your personal attitude is very important. Customers come to spas to relax in a safe environment. You must be able to put customers at ease, and respect privacy at all times. Confidentiality is key and no-one likes a gossip!

So if you have the personal skills, qualifications, and work experience and are seeking your next step on the spa and beauty career ladder, talk to us today. 

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