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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Leisure news round-up – June 2014

It’s been another busy couple of weeks here at 4Leisure Recruitment. Excitement abounds at the major sporting events we’re following. Boo to the World Cup, hurrah for Wimbledon, and on tenterhooks for the Tour De France.

Here’s some news items that have caught our beady eyes recently….

Andy Murray teams up with Amelie Mauresmo.

The breaking news in the last few weeks was that reigning Wimbledon champion Andy Murray has taken on 34-year old former ladies No 1 Amelie Mauresmo as his coach, and she even got Mummy’s approval! It is hoped that Amelie will encourage Andy to be more creative in his game. It’s certainly worked so far, as Andy cruised through comfortably to the second round earlier this week. We wish him all the best for the tournament and in his new working partnership.


The Huffington Post reports that the excitement around Andy’s hiring of Mauresmo is symptomatic of women’s position in sport. We hope that his somewhat unusual move triggers an awakening for those in sport who are still cautious of letting women tell them what to do!

Courtesy of the Daily Mail

Barbie leads the way!

For those who think females should be kept from the world of business, there is Entrepreneur Barbie! Maybe she has been modelled on some of our very own staff, but that would be mere conjecture. Whilst it’s a massive benefit to have an immaculately presented team going out to meet your clients, it does cause some problems when your office supplies company don’t stock everything you need in pink!

That’s not to say Barbie isn’t immune to criticism. There is the argument that the Entrepreneur Barbie looks more like a corporate executive than someone who is knee-deep in running their own enterprise., and of course, the point-of-view that Barbie, with her unachievable proportions and perfectly coiffed hair, can never truly be a feminist icon or suitable role model. We still love her anyway, and the latest range is at least a step in the right direction.

Drowning Prevention Week

This week from the 21st – 29th June has been Drowning Prevention Week. This is a week of raising awareness to prevent death by drowning, run by the RLSS. Sadly, there have been news articles this week about drownings, and we applaud the work the RLSS does in raising awareness and in training lifeguards, helping to make our water experiences that bit less tragic. You can find out more about Drowning Prevention Week on their website

It’s not all about the money, money, money!

This article and infographic from Talent Puzzle aims to educate employers who think that throwing money at grateful employees is a recipe for success. It isn’t! Findings show that employer branding, job benefits and perks, paid time-off, and flexibility are also important to employees, and that providing simple things like vending machines make your employees more productive. Who knew? Well, we did! You can read more at

The LA Fitness saga rumbles on

Last week, the Sports Direct deal was finally done and now they’ve taken over their first LA Fitness gym – the Sale, Manchester site. Time will tell whether deals are done on the remaining 32 sites that Sports Direct have their eyes on. More at

And to the future!

Next week, we’re attending the Flame Conference 2014, which is the leading peer event for the physical activities sector. We shall bring you news from that as we have it. For more info please visit

Bye for now!

How to……lifeguard jobs

lifeguard jobs

We have a good selection of lifeguard jobs on our site at the moment. Whether you want to work in a municipal indoor pool, a retro lido, or one of the UK’s many beaches, with the summer season just around the corner, employers of all kinds are looking for lifeguards.

Being a lifeguard may sound a bit mundane but it’s actually a very good entry level role for the leisure industry, and equips you with essential skills in health & safety, customer service, and first aid. Lifeguard jobs are a great way of gaining front-line leisure experience and can be a foot-in-the-door for better-paid roles. Many high level leisure managers started their careers as lifeguards.

Lifeguard jobs are highly flexible. You can usually do as few or as many shifts as you want, and hours are often available from early morning to late night seven days a week. You can work as a lifeguard to earn money while studying, or as an extra income around another job.

Becoming a lifeguard is relatively easy. If you have a good level of fitness, can swim, and have a good attitude, then getting qualified is quite straightforward.

Here’s how to do it….

The internationally-recognised NPLQ (National Pool Lifeguard Qualification) or its beach equivalent the NBLQ is essential. Course fees are typically up to £250 but many course providers are fully funded subject to your circumstances, so ask around about funding eligibility before you commit to paying for a course.

The training involves classroom theory work, practical pool rescue skills, first aid, CPR, and life-saving skills. You undertake at least 36 hours of training. To start training you must be able to fulfil certain criteria. These are…

  • Minimum age of 16
  • You must be able to….

o   … get in and out of the pool without using the pool ladder
o   ….swim 50m in less than 60 seconds
o   ….swim 100m continuously
o   ….tread water for 30 seconds
o   ….jump/dive into deep water
o   …surface dive to the floor of the pool

The NPLQ/NBLQ is valid for two years, during which you must complete a further 20 hours training, and then renew. You can find more about completing the course at the website of the RLSS

To find a job as a lifeguard you can…..

Search specialist recruitment websites such as 4LeisureRecruitment and register for email alerts of suitable jobs.

Look at websites and newsletters of the following types of companies likely to need poolside staff…

  • Holiday parks, both in the UK and abroad
  • Private leisure facilities and gym chains
  • Your local council for its public leisure facilities and beaches
  • Your local RNLI who look after many of the UKs beaches
  • Hotels with private pools
  • Day spas
  • Water parks

Always have your CV ready to send off quickly. If you need help building a CV, please check out our website – CV advice and tips

Let any lifeguard friends know you are looking just in case a job becomes available at their workplace.

Becoming a lifeguard is fairly straightforward and can give you access to a range of fun and flexible jobs which help you to build experience and knowledge which can springboard you up the leisure career ladder.

Good luck!

Why would you not want to be an open-air lifeguard with places like these?

lifeguard jobs

Whether you prefer the retro-chic of a lido, or are happy to risk it in less-glamorous open-water, outdoor swimming is undergoing a real renaissance. Many old lidos are being put back into service, and facilities created around popular open-water swimming spots to encourage more people to swim.

We currently have lifeguard jobs in many parts of the UK, especially for Rutland Water where we need lifeguards to work on the brand new lake beach facility from June to September. If you fancy a summer job with a difference and want to be play a part in the success of the new facility, then please visit our website to learn more – Lifeguard jobs in Rutland

Here’s a few places where you can swim in the lovely British sunshine!

The Helix in Falkirk, Scotland – A brand new lagoon has been opened at The Helix in Falkirk. It looks absolutely beautiful and is sure to be as bracing as Scotland itself.

Courtesy of

Heron Lake, Middlesex – Heron Lake is one of the largest outdoor swimming lakes in England and is in easy reach of the M25. The lake is open to swimmers of all abilities and sessions start at just £5 but has limited times available so please check out their website.

Abbey Meadows Outdoor Pool, Oxfordshire – Open from May to September, Abbey Meadows is open seven days a week and works on a session basis. The pools are suitable for children and lessons are available. The sessions are surprisingly cheap.

Askham Outdoor Pool, The Lake District – Due to open sometime in June, the two pools at Askham will be open in afternoons through the summer holiday season. Surrounded by the lush green that the Lake District is famed for, this is bound to be a lovely place to take a dip.

The Serpentine Lido, London – One of the most famous park lakes in the world has its own cordoned-off swimming section with beach. Open daily throughout the summer, with a terrace and a children’s play area, this is the perfect way to cool down on a hot London day.

Tooting Bec Lido, London – Possibly the most famous open air lido of them all, Tooting Bec Lido has been operating since 1906, and has been used as a film set, and a competition venue, as well as a public pool.

Ilkley Lido, Yorkshire – For those hardier Yorkshire folk, the lido at Ilkley has been providing outdoor swimming since 1935. It is also an unusual and interesting mushroom shape.

Have you been outdoor swimming? What are your favourite venues?

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