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Monthly Archives: July 2014

CIDESCO to launch management course for spa professionals

We’ve been noticing for a while now a skills deterioration of managers in the leisure club industry. Back in October 2013, we mused that maybe this fall in management skills was due to employers not sticking their necks out and empowering their employees so that essential management skills could be developed properly. We don’t believe that leisure professionals are less talented, but that the opportunities to develop management skills have been somewhat lacking.

We are heartened by CIDESCO’s announcement that they are to provide spa management training courses which will be internationally recognised. Sadly, the courses are only as yet available to CIDESCO’s own graduates, but we like that it is a post-graduate qualification which builds on a spa therapist’s training, and is not just a paint-by-numbers management course trying to fast-track inexperienced therapists into spa management jobs.

So if you’re CIDESCO trained and want to move upward into spa management, then we recommend you get in touch with them to find out more. Their website is

spa and beauty jobs

Before they were famous….lifeguard jobs

With the revelation that MP Charlotte Leslie once worked as a lifeguard, we have been taking a look at other famous people who boast a lifeguard job on their CV. We always maintain that being a lifeguard is not only most certainly not a dead-end job but can in fact,lead on to greater things. If nothing else, lifeguard jobs are a pretty cool way to spend your summer, as these now famous people can confirm!

lifeguard jobs

Lifeguard to superstar!

Charlotte Leslie

The MP for Bristol North West, and still only a spritely 35 years old, used to work patrolling the beaches of Cornwall during her university years. She credits her time as a lifeguard with teaching her invaluable skills she uses in parliament. Rescuing less capable people from getting in over their heads is one skill no doubt!

Ronald Reagan

I imagine his CV could have read “lifeguard, Hollywood Actor, elected leader of the free world.” As if making the leap from being a lifeguard in Illinois during the 1920s to famous actor is beyond most people’s imaginations, he then went on to be US president in the 1980s being a respected ally of Margaret Thatcher. Ronald died in 2004 leaving behind a legacy of political achievement, numerous film accolades, and the gratitude of 77 people saved by his lifeguarding prowess.

Sean Connery

Scotland’s sexiest octogenarian and many people’s favourite James Bond has worked a plethora of jobs over the years, including being a lifeguard at Portobello pool near Edinburgh. He was also into bodybuilding and football, getting into acting during stage performances in the 1950s. If he had to play an ageing lifeguard now, he probably could – he’s certainly got the experience. He’d just do it all in the same familiar Scottish accent.

Gene Simmons

Gene Simmons used to be a lifeguard at a high-class hotel in his youth, before he went on to wreak havoc as part of US rock group KISS. He allegedly went on to save bandmate Ace Frehley from drowning on two separate occasions when the rock and roll lifestyle got the better of him. See, all that training came in useful somewhere!

Vince Vaughn

Actor Vince Vaughn was a lifeguard and aspiring water polo athlete in his youth but a car accident at the age of 17 scuppered his sporting ambitions. Vince broke into acting pretty quickly and now has films such as The Lost World: Jurassic Park, and the sporting-comedy Dodgeball on his CV. Bet he’s glad he didn’t pursue the water polo thing now.

Do you know any more famous people who started out as lifeguards?

The joy of summer jobs


Summer jobs

Summer jobs are a fab way of gaining experience and earning that all-important money to get you through the rest of the year. Summer jobs are popular with university students who can work full-time during the summer break, but you don’t have to be a student to do a summer job. You could do extra work during the summer on top of your regular day job, or swap and change between jobs depending on the season, doing outdoor leisure jobs through the summer, and going back to an office job in the autumn.

Summer jobs are often fairly flexible. They may not be the best paid of jobs but you can often choose your own shifts, working around your other commitments. You could also just throw yourself into the job full-time, getting the money and experience while you have nothing much else going on in your life.

There are a whole host of temp summer jobs, both full-time and part-time to do. Some are more popular than others and fill up quickly, so get out there ASAP. Popular choices include going abroad to work at a summer camp. These are usually poorly paid but provide a wealth of experience and the opportunity to travel, and to spend your summer somewhere a bit sunnier.

We’re a big fan of summer jobs here at 4Leisure Recruitment. In the leisure industry, there’s a fair few jobs which are seasonal, and are a brilliant way of gaining experience and getting your foot on the leisure career ladder.

Over the years, our own staff have done an array of seasonal, part-time jobs. Some are leisure related, and some not so much, however all the jobs we have done have helped us along on our career path, and we would not be who or where we are today if we hadn’t done them. Summer jobs can be a fantastic way of learning more about yourself and what you enjoy doing.

I asked around the office to see what jobs we have done and this is what came back.

“When I left school, I started making hand-made cards and sold them”

“When I was under 16 and unable to get a part-time job, I helped out at my Grandma’s florists”

“I sold men’s suits in a shop in Leeds” 

 “I coached kids multi-sports”

 “I delivered bakery products”

 “I ran a cocktail bar”

 “I instructed people how to drive minibuses”

 We all agree that the jobs we did, no matter how unglamorous they may seem, make us who we are today and have helped us to find out more about ourselves – whether this was finding out that we really love working with kids, or never want to smell freshly baked bread ever again.

If you are looking for a summer job in the leisure industry, please get in touch with us today.

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