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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Paying candidates to attend interviews?

This article in Recruitment Grapevine has really got us thinking this week

In essence, the author – a company boss – has decided that rather than pay recruiters for their time in finding the right candidates, he will pay £1000 to any applicant that makes it through to the more time-consuming final interview stage.

Leisure recruitment

As the final interview stage requires preparing a marketing strategy and presenting it, the assumption is that by paying candidates for this time and effort, it means that passive candidates are more invigorated to apply. He figures that a £5k spend to get five good candidates in the running, for example, is more worthwhile than paying a recruiter. In some respects he could be right. He’s possibly had a bad experience with a recruitment agency in the past, or maybe he just wants to try something a bit different and see how it goes.

It’s noble to think of compensating a candidate for their time and efforts. After all, we understand the frustration of working hard to try to land a job, maybe even taking time off your current role to prepare, only to see it all go to waste, or worse, the prospective company later using the good ideas you spent your time and experience creating for the interview. This way, at least the candidate gets something out of it, although care would need to be taken to see that the payment is not used as an excuse to make the selection process more tiresome and frustrating than it really needs to be.

Do we think it’s a good idea?

In our opinion, if someone needs motivating to get to final interview, they’re probably not right for the role. Ultimately, it changes the natural selection process of the interviews. Rather than the talent filtering to the top through a comprehensive interview process, the role is likely to land with someone who is motivated but not necessarily the most skilled.

Another possibility is that it creates a culture of people applying for the job, and playing the application process, in order to claim their £1000 reward. How long would it take you to earn £1000? From this perspective, it’s not hard to see why someone would spend a few hours of their time, even up to a couple of days happy to go through the preparation required for an intensive final interview.

Candidate shortage or not, I think it’s unlikely to achieve the desired results.

What’s the alternative?

Well, is paying a recruiter really so bad? It’s not as if we sit around doing nothing apart from pocketing the cash. Aside from advertising the role, drawing up a specification, putting the job under the noses of our pool of both active and known passive candidates, vetting potential candidates, doing background checks, carrying out preliminary interviews, negotiating on your behalf, and helping the candidate to settle in with you, I suppose we could be worth a few quid!

Another idea is to turn the whole thing on its head and make candidates pay to apply for a job with you, or to get to the important final interview. This way you only get candidates who are absolutely serious about the job with your company. You can always refund them later. With this process, you may even uncover a few gems who would not have got to the final stages under more traditional means, but you’ll certainly get fewer time wasters.

Verdict – paying candidates for their time could work in theory, but we suspect that this will pan out to be little more than a PR stunt, and we’re sure we’ll still be leisure industry recruiters this time next year.

The Breast Cancer Care Pink Ribbonwalk – a training update

Our Business Development Exec Ali is currently in training for the upcoming 20 mile London at Night Pink Ribbonwalk for Breast Cancer Care. With the walk only days away and 20 miles being no mean feat, we are checking in with Ali to see how she is getting on.

Ali says…..

“I started training on 1st May, just power walking with the dog thirty minutes every day, covering a few miles for a couple of weeks. The dog loved it – on busy days he sometimes just gets to go out in the back garden.

I decided that from the 15th of May I needed to step it up a bit so I started walking up to an hour every day. I also joined a Hot Yoga class in my village in which I am now addicted to. I have never done anything so tough as this – every day you get a tiny bit better, that little bit stronger, and I’ve started to see a bit of muscle definition.

Last week was bad as I was struck down with a nasty cold and chest infection. I did nothing but enjoyed the rest.

Today I got up at the crack of dawn, walked the dog 6 miles, and this evening after work I will do Hot Yoga. This will be my training plan for the rest of the week, except on Sunday, when I will be taking a back pack with me and do a good 10 to 12 miles instead.

Now when my dog sees me get the trainers on he gets his lead and heads off! I’m not the only one well trained.”

Training for the 20 mile Pink Ribbonwalk

Learn more about the Pink Ribbonwalk.

Breast Cancer Care are in desperate need of qualified massage therapists to assist walkers at their Pink Ribbonwalks. If you are able to volunteer your time and skills, then please get in touch ASAP with Ali and the 4Leisure Recruitment team on 01895 450640

You can sponsor Ali in her quest to raise money for Breast Cancer Care at

Training for the 20 mile Pink Ribbonwalk

Cucumbers – why we love them!

The humble cucumber is a fantastic fruit – yes, it is really a fruit and not a vegetable!

Beauty therapists know the benefits of using cucumbers, and they have been used to reduce eye puffiness for many years.

National cucumber day

Here are some more facts about a much under-rated fruit

  • There are many different varieties of cucumber, including slicing, pickling, and burplees.
  • They were originally grown in southern Asia, but now are grown the world over.
  • Cucumbers are not all green – you can also get them in yellow. Some varieties are spherical rather than elongated.

But why are they good for your eyes?

  • First of all, cucumbers contain ascorbic acid which reduces water retention, reducing swelling
  • Because they have a high water content, cucumbers are fantastic moisturisers
  • They contain antioxidants, which makes it a great anti-aging product
  • Cucumbers have a lightening effect, reducing dark circles
  • They can be cooled, making them soothing to your skin

On top of all that, they contain less chemicals, and are cheaper than a man-made beauty product. Cucumbers are a low-cost resource for your beauty spa or salon.

Need convincing? Read this from The Huffington Post and make cucumbers your best beauty buy!

The Pink Ribbonwalk 2015

With the revelation that our own Ali is taking part in one of the Pink Ribbonwalks on July 4th, we’re taking a closer look at what looks to be a huge, fundraising event for a fabulous charity.

The Pink Ribbonwalks are organised by Breast Cancer Care. They are a series of 5 mile, 10 mile, or 20 mile guided walks in six locations around the UK. They are designed to raise money for Breast Cancer Care. Everyone taking part has to pay a fee, and seek to raise at least £100 in sponsorship. All money will go direct to Breast Cancer Care, who provide support and information to those experiencing breast cancer.

Pink Ribbonwalk balloons

(c) Breast Cancer Care

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers in the UK. Although it can be found in men, the majority of cases are found in women, and it can take different forms, affecting individuals in many different ways. Around 55,000 people are diagnosed with breast cancer every year in the UK, with a significant number of these being in women over the age of 50. The risk of developing breast cancer in a lifetime is 1 in 8 for women.

Family history is not important in breast cancer, contrary to popular belief, and cancer can affect anyone no matter breast size. It’s a disease which many women are familiar with as too many of us will know someone who has survived it, is fighting it right now, or will even get it ourselves.

Ali, our Business Development Exec, is walking 20 miles through London at night on July 4th. This is expected to take between five and eight hours. Ali is aiming for six.

Ali says “I decided this year to go for something completely different. I have done the running, dancing, and cake baking so I am looking forward to walking around our beautiful city at night, to making new friends, and to raise money for something that is very close to my heart.”

“I have met some many wonderful women who have had breast cancer: some of them have fought it and unfortunately some did not beat it. It will be challenging to get through the night and always emotional to think of my close loved ones who did not make it.”

If walking isn’t your thing but you want to be involved, Breast Cancer Care are currently seeking volunteers to act as route marshalls, and various other essential roles.

Are you a qualified and insured massage therapist? They need you!

Volunteer massage therapists are needed to help soothe the inevitable aches and pains that long walks create. We are helping Breast Cancer Care to find an army of massage professionals who are able to give their time and skills, helping participants in raising as much money as possible. If you are interested in volunteering, please get in touch with us on 01895 450640 and we can put you in touch with the Pink Ribbonwalk team.

For more information, please visit

You can sponsor Ali at

Breast Cancer Care – Pink Ribbonwalk from Breast Cancer Care on Vimeo.

Are you the world’s best Personal Trainer?

A very pumped up personal trainerA competition has been launched to find the world’s best Personal Trainer!

Are you a fantastic personal trainer with a passion for and a commitment to the profession?

Do you fancy an all-expenses paid trip to the glitzy grand final, and be in with a chance of landing the $5k prize?

Or do you know a personal trainer who is the best of the best?

More information at Health Club Management

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