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Monthly Archives: November 2015

October 2015 News round-up : experience, pastures new, and Marty McFly

October is over and Autumn is most definitely here. With Halloween out of the way and Bonfire Night imminent, we are taking a look back at what news items have resonated with us during October. It’s been another month of interesting leisure industry developments, but these are our top five picks for you.

In a survey of leisure industry employers, it was found that work experience is more important than qualifications in new employees. The lack of ‘soft skills’ was also found to be a concern. Work-based trained employees are sought-after, and many employers are now either offering a leisure and fitness apprenticeship scheme, or considering one. We put this article to our followers on LinkedIn, who thought that both experience and qualifications were equally important, and that the right attitude helps!

It was announced that US gym group 24 Hour Fitness and Canadian chain GoodLife Fitness had sealed a deal to allow members travelling across North America to use each other’s gyms, making a facility of almost 700 clubs available to members. Is this a smart response to schemes such as ClassPass, and do we think it’s something that is needed over here in the UK?

At the end of September, Nuffield Health lost their CEO, but only a few days later, his successor was announced as Steve Gray, a market veteran. We wish Steve all the best in his new role.

Fitness First

Photo: Fitness First

Breaking news mid-month was the rumours of the possible sale of Fitness First, with Sports Direct Fitness being touted as a potential buyer. No doubt we’ll hear more on this story sooner or later.

October 21st was ‘Back to The Future Day’ and was heavily celebrated on the internet with countless photos of Doc, Marty, and a few of Biff Tannen thrown in. While The Chicago Cubs had not actually won the World Series this year as shown in Back to The Future II, we are in the beginning of a wearable tech boom and could see self-tying trainers, and auto-drying clothing in the mainstream in the near future. I’m holding out for handprint door entry as standard on my next home though. It would save me an awful lot of time having to find my keys. Again.

Image: The Guardian

Marty’s self-tying trainers, and the modern-day Nike version Image: The Guardian

Find out more about what Back to the Future II correctly predicted and what it didn’t in The Guardian

What leisure industry news has caught your eye this month?

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