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Monthly Archives: February 2016

Professional Beauty 2016 – Meet our delegates

Professional Beauty 2016 is coming up this weekend. On the 28th and 29th February, around 30,000 beauty industry professionals will converge on London Excel for two days of beauty industry networking and exhibiting. As recruiters to the spa and beauty industry we are attending this year’s event. We find Professional Beauty to be a hot bed of industry insight and a great meeting place for spa professionals and spa owners alike.

You can find out more about Professional Beauty at


Meet our delegates

Ali McAlister

Ali of 4Leisure Recruitment

Ali is our spa and beauty Business Development Consultant and will be around on the Sunday daytime, and will be attending the PB Beauty Awards black tie event at The Brewery in the evening. Ali has 22 year’s experience in the spa and beauty industry and specialises in networking, recruitment opportunities, consultancy, and training and education  If you see her, please do go and say hello.

Jean Wing Hing

Jean Wing Hing of 4Leisure Recruitment

Jean is a director of 4Leisure Recruitment, coming from a background in health club management and corporate sales. He enjoys growing new business and developing innovative recruitment techniques to find the very best leisure staff. He will be around on the Monday, where he is sitting on the panel during the education summit.

If you’re going to Professional Beauty, please do look out for Ali and Jean and say hello. They would love to talk to you about your spa and your spa staffing requirements.

A new leisure job 4 better prospects

Sometimes you just get the feeling that as much as you love your job, you’d like to do something more. Maybe you’d like to be in charge for a while, learn high-end skills, maybe even run the entire company? Yes, you may ‘only’ be a leisure assistant, or a junior spa therapist right now, but your potential is screaming at you to move on up.

A new leisure job 4 better prospects

Then you come up against a brick wall – your company doesn’t have the space for you to grow, it doesn’t offer training opportunities, it doesn’t nurture its staff, and the MD has no plans to move aside any time soon. As good as you may be at your job, it looks like you’re going to be in it for the foreseeable future.

For many people, this isn’t a bad thing at all; job security and stability is a huge plus point, particularly those who need the steady income, but for those who want to grow in skills and earning power, being part of a company that just doesn’t have those opportunities is frustrating, and breeds resentment. It’s time to start looking for a job with better prospects.

A new leisure job for better prospects

Companies that have limited opportunity for development can be stifling environments to those who want to flourish. This doesn’t mean that the company is badly managed at all. In fact, it might be the most stable business around, but for those who value learning and progression over stability, it can start to feel like a prison, and that’s no way to make the most of people’s skills.

But where to go? If you’re looking to progress in your career, then finding a company with room to develop is a good start. You may have to make a sideways move, or even a backwards one to get in to the company, but look at the potential. Starting in a company in a job which isn’t particularly glamourous or taxing can open up huge opportunity. It’s not unknown for someone who starts as a lifeguard to end up as company director, for example. It has been done, but it won’t have been done with a company who isn’t open to bringing on its employees and who doesn’t provide the opportunity to grow and develop.

How to provide better prospects

If your staff are leaving you, and it seems to be the best ones first, then you may have a problem with employee development and engagement – the strongest rats are the ones who can jump from the sinking ship first, and they will!

Providing opportunity for growth and promotion to your best employees isn’t always easy – the jobs have to be there within your company for people to have the chance to do them. However, if the higher-level management jobs do exist then you could, for example, encourage promotion from within the team rather than bring in an external candidate to fill the position. Yes, your existing staff may not have the exact skills you need to be able to fulfil the role, but could you have provided training? This will show your employees that the prospects are there, should they be in a position to consider them.

Think about succession activity in advance of any vacancies. If you know your senior supervisor is going to retire in a few years, then find someone younger who can be trained in the interim as a potential successor, for example. It could be better to keep skilled employees with you who already know the company culture than bring in outsiders who could take some settling in. Not always, but worth considering.

You could provide your own in-house training to employees, or arrange for an external course at a local college or training centre, or try a correspondence course. Different types of training have advantages and disadvantages and you should choose the one which works best for your company, and its employees. It might be that you have to offer different options to employees with differing circumstances, or use a mix of in-house and external. Either way, if your employee takes it upon themselves to arrange their own training and development, they will not have so much as a strong sense of loyalty to you and your company. Ignore training and development at your peril!

Are you looking for better prospects?

If your job feels like it’s going nowhere, and your employers are not listening to your concerns about lack of development opportunities, then it could be time to find someone who will. Give us a call and tell us what you’re looking for in the leisure industry – we may just have the company you’re looking for. 01895 450640

A new leisure job 4 better pay?

Although many people think that pay is enough for anyone to consider a move to a new leisure job, actually it’s not as common as all that. Pay is but one factor that contributes to job satisfaction but that’s not to say that it’s not important.

new leisure jobs 4 better pay

Do you want better pay in your leisure job?

Within the leisure industry, employee pay can vary wildly. It’s worth shopping around. Money is not the be-all-and-end-all though. Also look at holiday allowance, pension contributions, benefits and perks such as discounts, and a bonus or commission scheme. Some employers will pay you a better hourly rate but not guarantee a minimum number of hours, whereas some employees are happy to work for less if they can guarantee a minimum income. Security can be a much bigger draw than potentially high but fluctuating pay.

It’s worth having a look around to see what’s on offer and find out what your ‘market value’ is. Yes, higher pay is a big draw, but the grass isn’t always greener and your pay may be as good as it gets. For now.

There are many factors which determine your market value, including your skills, your experience, your attitude to the job and to customers, how up to date your training is, and of course, how in demand your skills are. Is there anything you can do to justify a higher wage for yourself?

The National Living Wage

The National Living Wage is compulsory from April 2016 for anyone over the age of 25. It is estimated that six million people will benefit from a wage rise, though there is concern over subsequent job losses as employers seek to mitigate the inevitable rising costs. The NLW will be £7.20 per hour, which for over 25s, is a pay rise of 50p per hour over the minimum wage.

The NLW will impact on leisure as many employers are paid around this wage level. However, leisure is pretty labour-intensive. They’ve not yet invented a machine to pull struggling swimmers out of a pool effectively and quickly, so job losses should be minimal – although we have heard that some operators are looking into whether CCTV can be used as an alternative, which may have a negative effect on staffing levels.

There is concern that the higher costs will be passed onto customers which will affect overall demand for additional services such as beauty treatments, though UK-based beauty therapists are generally paid above the NLW already. Supporters of the NLW talk of improved staff retention leading to improved consistency of service. It remains to be seen what impact it will have on the leisure industry and on leisure jobs.

Employers be warned – it is illegal to discriminate on the basis of age, even if under 25s are cheaper!

What to do if your employees are demanding a pay rise

If an employee is leaving for a higher paid job, then it is a sign that your salary and benefits package might not be on a par with what other leisure operators are paying your skilled staff. Of course, their hourly rate is not the be-all-and-end-all and you should also look at the overall benefits package your employee will be enjoying in their new job. Can you offer something similar?

But pay is important to employees. Most people do their jobs because they have to make a living for themselves and their families. Higher hourly rate means they can work less hours, or have that bit of extra money to make their lives easier. While benefits such as free gym membership and discounts with popular retailers appeal to some, unless the employee is saving money on something they definitely would have used, then many would rather have the cold, hard cash that is accepted in exchange for the essentials in life.

This may mean creating a personalised wage and benefits package  – what suits one employee may not suit another, particularly if they are different stages in their lives. The key is communication and negotiation, and keeping employee engagement high, particularly if you know your wage isn’t as good as the gym or spa up the road. Small things can make a big difference – see our other articles about better working hours, or a change of scenery.

If you would like to discuss the right benefits package to help you attract the best leisure staff to your business, then please do get in touch 01895 450640

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