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Monthly Archives: July 2016

Five not-to-be-missed sporting events this summer

As soon as the weather begins to warm and the daylight hours begin to stretch we see a huge increase in the amount of sport that we as a nation consume.

So far this year has seen some incredible sporting events with still some spectacular ones to follow. There has been football drama in the Euro 2016 championships, superb quality tennis over the Wimbledon fortnight, Horse racing, Formula One, Cricket, Golf, the list goes on! Counting down the days to the beginning of the 2016 Olympics we thought we would take a quick look at five events that if you missed them this year you will want to catch them next time around.

Earlier in the season you will of course remember the very tense World Nettle Eating championships in West Dorset. This year’s winner consumed approximately 76 feet of the plants and comfortably (or uncomfortably) beat his nearest rival by approximately 20 feet. Next year the championships are expected to be in the same place should you be considering entering. This winner this year also came first last year so some hard training over the winter may be necessary. More more information on how to take part next year, please visit!nettle-eating-bottleinn-nettle/c19qp

Also not for the faint hearted is the Toe Wrestling World Championships in Derbyshire.

Established in the 1970s the World Championships has a rich heritage. The entrance regulations for this event are rigorous with contestants having to pass a strict toe inspection before competing. The date for 2017 has yet to be revealed. Unfortunately, the sport was denied inclusion for the Olympics in 1997 as the Olympic committee were unsure if it would qualify as a winter or summer sport.

All you need to know at

If you fancy a spot of travelling for your sport, then Finland hosts the annual Wife Carrying World Championships in summer. There are four customary styles to ‘carry the wife’ (although some contestants do borrow a ‘wife’ for the contest), the wife can be dangled, piggybacked, thrown over the shoulder and also be crosswise across the shoulders. Should there be any interested parties looking to take up serious competition training over the winter the link below will take you to a page which offers advice in how to become a ‘master’ at carrying the wife. As a country, the United Kingdom has been under-represented in these championships, and it would be great to see this turn around. As an incentive, the organisers insist that carrying the wife is very good for your relationship!

Find out more at

More recently if you were lucky enough to make it see the London Chessboxing Championships. Chessboxing sees two competitors play a three-minute game of chess followed by a round of boxing, and so on. Well until there is either a knockout or a checkmate. Training for this event must indeed take severe amounts of dedication and perseverance, also a liking for chess and boxing!

You can join in with Chessboxing classes at

Lastly and one not to be missed for this year is the 31st World Bogsnorkelling Championships in August. These truly international world championships have seen participants from around the globe and promises to be an event like no other. The event to be held in Llanwrtyd Wells in Wales also runs a fancy dress element to the competition.

For anyone who is interested-it is not too late to enter. Online entries close seven days before the event on Sunday August 28th. Visit the information page where you can find out how to register register. Good luck to those who are brave enough to enter!

More info at

For the rest of us who may not be brave enough to have a go at some of the listed sports we wish you a happy countdown to the start of the Olympics (minus Toe-wrestling) and hope you enjoy all of the wonderful sports the summer still has for us to enjoy!

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