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One Year on – Meet The 4Leisure Recruitment Team – Tom Lewis

A year ago we were delighted to introduce our newest team member – Tom Lewis. Tom joined the Health and Fitness division and we were excited to bring him on board.

 The last year has flown by and has been an amazing one for all of us here at 4Leisure Recruitment and we thought we would just look back and check in on Tom’s first year with our recruitment team.

HI Tom, Firstly congratulations on your first anniversary with us! Now tell us some more about the last year…

What do you enjoy the most about being a leisure recruiter?

I’m thoroughly enjoying speaking to different people on a daily basis, whether that is a candidate looking for their next opportunity or a client discussing a new role, the networking and conversations are constant which keeps things exciting with slightly different objectives and outcomes each day. I’m lucky to work with a great team in the office which makes it all the more enjoyable.

What skill did you bring to the team which has been the most useful?

I think amongst my loud talking, walking around the office talking to people on the phone, I have developed myself into the designated snack provider. Everyone “complains” as they are not exactly the most ‘healthy’ snacks, but within 5 minutes they are all tucking in! Other than that, I hope I have been able to bring another dynamic to a positive and vibrant office with some good laughs and jokes, but a serious approach where required.

What’s been the high point of your 4Leisure Recruitment experience so far?

My first placement was extremely satisfying, not just because I felt like I achieved something great and made a difference to someone’s career, but I have been able to develop that respective company into a key account which has led to some real success over the last 12 months

What has surprised you most about working at 4Leisure Recruitment?

It’s such a fast-paced environment with a constant growing task list and an everchanging set of priorities. There is always someone to speak to or an objective to pursue. It’s certainly not an environment where success will fall into your lap, 110% is required at all times with desire and a passion for what you do so important to drive you on every single day.

How are the dogs?

The dogs are great, I have not been able to bring them to the office yet but I am sure I will in due course! They might be a little too distracting being so playful.

All in all, I have thoroughly enjoyed my first year in recruitment, mainly due to the nature of the role very much suiting my style and approach to the way I work, but more importantly how easy it has been to fit in with the team. The support from James, Jean and Amy has been better than I could’ve hoped for, but also the camaraderie within the office when things don’t go how you hope, we are all there for each other to pick up and move on quickly which is key in this role! I’m looking forward to another 12 months and beyond!

Thanks Tom, we have thoroughly enjoyed your first year of many too, ‘healthy’ snacks and all!

To learn more about the team here at 4Leisure Recruitment, visit us at Meet the 4Leisure Recruitment Team:

To see our latest Health and Fitness jobs please visit:–fitness

Tom Lewis 4Leisure Recruitment

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