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Category Archives: Hospitality & Catering News

Hospitality & Catering Industry News from 4Leisure Recruitment

Spa & Leisure Recruitment Agencies not compliant?

Shocked to hear how many other Spa and Leisure Recruitment Agencies are not making their clients aware of the Agency Workers Regulations.

Introduced in October 2011, AWR was brought in to protect the rights of temporary workers and stop them being exploited. It sought mainly to ensure that temporary workers receive the same benefits that permanent workers in a similar role receive.

But it would seem that AWR is not being explained to leisure operators, many of whom have never heard of it. We spoke to several of our current and new clients last week and none of them had ever been spoken to about AWR by their previous suppliers. Is this a case of their Agencies burying their head in the sand? Or just not understanding it?

It’s true that AWR is complex and has caused all kinds of administrative headaches for both agencies and clients alike, but it’s not going anywhere and avoiding it altogether is as good as asking for a claim to be made.

From a client perspective, if your agency isn’t talking to you about AWR and how they are protecting you from claims, you should seriously think about who you’re using. Just because it’s leisure, doesn’t mean it’s shouldn’t be professional.

For more information of AWR and how 4Leisure can provide a cost-effective, professional and compliant service, contact one of our Specialist Consultants on 01895 450640.

Do meticulous or excessive interview processes deter candidates?

Interviews are getting longer!

With a shortage of highly skilled, highly experienced candidates on the market, you might expect business would be keen to make quick appointments to secure the available talent.

But we’ve seen a trend over the last 12 months, that with some of the more established leisure operators, the interview process is actually becoming longer. Some candidates are even going through five or six stages including interviews, assessment centres and profiling over periods of up to six months.

There is an argument to say that employing a long and meticulous process engages candidates more effectively, gets them bought into the business and ensures that people really want to work for the business. Many operators will say that “if they want to work for us enough, they’ll wait.”

And that works in theory, but does it work when there is such competition for talent? We can talk from experience of candidates who have withdrawn from interview processes at the latter stages because another business has moved faster and made an offer.

Are businesses taking an arrogant approach and burying their heads in the sand? Placing all of your faith in your employer brand is a brave move in this climate.

Or do businesses need to change their recruitment strategy to reflect the current market?

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