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Back to Work: Amy Gilmour, Divisional Manager – Health & Fitness

Today, we are talking to Amy Gilmour, our Divisional Manager for Health & Fitness recruitment. It’s been a strange few months for everyone in the leisure industry and we wanted to know what Amy has been up to and how things have changed in the leisure recruitment sector.

We’re back! How has the first month been back in business?

I’ve absolutely loved being back! Although naturally our sector has been quieter than usual, every new vacancy or temporary staff member we secure work for feels like a great step forward and week by week the industry is getting louder. We’ve also now returned to the office on various days and it’s been so nice to be with the team again with the usual levels of support, micky taking and air-con wars back on top form!

What was your biggest achievement during lockdown?

I managed to not have a total meltdown when our wedding planned for April in Mexico was cancelled. Within 3 days we had totally rearranged a new wedding in the UK so bring on December.. or not now as the case may be!

What are your thoughts on how the revisions to services have impacted businesses over the reopening?

I really think this situation has shown how resilient and adaptable people and businesses are. Initially, whilst occupancy levels have been reduced, some services removed and structure added, businesses have been very resourceful to adjust accordingly to deliver an attractive offering/ service. The main thing is, people have returned ready and eager to use their facilities!

What do you think has been the biggest changes for businesses from a people perspective?

Reconsideration of work Vs lifestyle. I think this has been a time in which people have reflected on their own lives and balance, having been forced to slow down. First of all, it is vital that employers understand what this means for each individual and together have a clear plan to support their professional capacity and outside interests. In turn this will bring further commitment to the business, longevity and efficiency in the workplace.

What’s your advice to candidates who are currently actively seeking employment?

  • Prepare – Research the fields you wish to apply for, adapt and strengthen your CV. CVs need to reflect your own personal contribution to the roles and substance within, not a job description
  • Connect – Speak to as many people as possible. Recruiters are your mini helpers outsourcing opportunities for you! Also friends, family, previous colleagues. Conversations can help formulate a direction, even by process of elimination and potentially bring opportunities to light.
  • Stay as positive and proactive as possible!

Has your role changed much since the sector reopening?

In essence no. My role is to work with clients to help identify and fulfil staffing requirements so they can maximise their business’s potential, whilst seeking and supporting candidates to secure their next career move. It’s a complex game of pairs! Saying this, day to day we very much need to be on the front foot coming up with innovative recruitment solutions, which first and foremost to our clients is cost effective. Businesses need people in the right places, with the best skill set and attitude more than ever!  

Thanks, Amy!

If you need staff for your health & fitness setting, get in touch with Amy Gilmour – her email is or call us on 01895 450640

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