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Video Profiling – what is it all about?

Video profiling has been around for a while but it’s really come into its own in 2020. With in-person interviews being difficult to conduct during the global coronavirus pandemic, video profiling has become a good way of getting to know candidates better. Could video profiling be here to stay for the long term?

A man filming himself on his phone for a job interview

What is video profiling?

Many companies are now interviewing via Zoom or Whatsapp, which is fine but, like face to face interviews, it requires both parties to be in place at the same time, and technical issues are not uncommon. Video profiles allow recruiters to see more of candidates before they are shortlisted for interview. This is particularly important in covid times as it can potentially reduce the number of candidates shortlisted for full interview and make things less onerous for everyone involved.

A video profile is a video filmed by the candidate which help the recruiter to understand the candidate more. The recruiting company can set questions for example which the candidate answers, or the candidate can be given a topic to talk about for the duration. There really is a lot of flexibility with regard to content and the candidate can be as creative as they feel appropriate for the role.

The aim of video profiling is to give candidates the opportunity to shine and get themselves on the shortlist. For the recruting firm, it reduces time to hire, and allows them to see if potential candidates could be a good fit before a full interview is arranged.

It’s an efficient system which isn’t too onerous for the candidate and allows them to showcase their skills better than a CV. At the moment, crucially, it minimises in-person contact for all parties whilst still enabling recruiters to get a good overview of candidates.

Video profiling in leisure recruitment

At 4Leisure recruitment, we’re all about making things better for our clients which is why we’ve been using video profiling with our key clients for a while now. But, with the country’s recent and sudden Zoom obsession, many more companies will discover that video is the future of recruitment. If you’d like to find out more about how video profiling can be incorporated into your hiring process for better and faster results, get in touch today, we’re only a zoom away!

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