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Back to work: Hannah Perkins, Spa & Beauty Recruiter

Hannah Perkins – Senior Consultant, Spa & Beauty
I help a wide range of spa and beauty businesses across the UK by providing bespoke recruitment solutions. I love taking on challenging roles, whether temporary or permanent and thrive on seeing my clients grow as a result of the fantastic people I can provide.

It’s been a funny old few weeks hasn’t it? The pandemic and lockdown came as a shock to pretty much everyone and changed our daily lives as we know it, and for a lot longer than the original three weeks which was suggested. How have you been? While we may have not quite been as in demand as leisure recruiters since March, we have been keeping busy and we are back and ready to go once more. Do you need permanent or temporary staff for your spa, gym, or pool?

We spoke to our Senior Consultant Hannah Perkins to see what she’s been up to this last few weeks……

What have you been up to during lockdown? 

I’ve been decorating the house, taming our front garden every two weeks which resembles a jungle if not seen to, and trying to work out every day whilst enjoying a Prosecco and ice cream most nights – balance!

Have you got a lockdown routine?

At the start of lockdown I did, yes; waking up at 8am most mornings and being super productive. More recently, that is out of the window!

What’s been your biggest achievement during lockdown?

Probably finding the time to sort out all those home chores I have been avoiding, and perfecting my cooking skills.

What have you been doing to keep up to date with the industry?

I have been making contact on my Linkedln most days to see how everyone is coping within the spa industry and catching up with reading articles from the Spa Association and other knowledgeable industry bodies.

What are your thoughts on how the proposed revisions to services will impact businesses? 

It is clear that there will need to be longer time invested into cleaning, however I think most spa opening and closing times could change to help support this and, as a sector, I feel we have a stronger focus on hygiene than most. Also, spa menus could be slightly affected which may impact the business. I am concerned that not allowing facial type treatments will hugely affect revenue.

Would it put you off going to a spa? 

It wouldn’t as long as there was sufficient PPE in place. I can’t wait to go for a relaxing spa day again! 

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Have your clients indicated how they will manage their workforce back into spas? 

A few clients that I have had contact with are going for a phased approach for the business, keeping some therapists on furlough until normal booking levels are resumed and are hoping to use temporary therapists to help support the bookings they have. I think there is a feeling that, initially, they will be servicing a lot of postponed booking which will make them pretty busy but it won’t be until Aug/Sept that they really know if people are confident enough to book new treatments.

Understandably, people want to protect their staff and don’t want to bring them back from furlough if they are not confident there’s enough work for them so we’re already seeing demand for temporary cover for the end of July.

Do you see your role changing much when the sector reopens? 

Yes I do. I will be keeping fully up to date with all the guidelines as I am sure they will be changing along with health and safety and making sure my therapists are knowledgeable of this. And we’re planning on sending PPE out to all of our workers to make sure they’re protected.

What do you think will be the biggest challenges for businesses from a people perspective?

I think perhaps understanding  how they can protect their teams and their clients with the guidelines they have been given but whilst still driving a profit. There’s a big trade off between restricting what can be delivered in a spa to enable government to have confidence to let the industry open, and whether the restrictions ultimately mean that the businesses aren’t even viable in the end. Take facial treatments off the menu and increase turn around times and there’ll be a massive impact on revenue.

What are you doing to get ready for reopening? 

I am touching base with all of my clients and finding out how they are feeling about the spa being back opening and how their spa logistics may change. I have also spoken to my therapists to find out how they feel about returning to spas and we’re now developing new guidelines that we’ll shortly be giving them for when they do return to work. We’ll be providing PPE for everyone but we’re just waiting for a date! In the meantime, it’s back to the Beef Wellington.

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