A new leisure job 4 a change of scenery?

Are you getting fed up of the same old views day in and day out? If the thought of going in to work is starting to fill you with dread, and you don’t really know why, it could be that what you need is a good old change of scenery.

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You may not hate the work, you may love your colleagues, but looking at the same old four walls, seemingly endless pool, or gym week-in and week-out may be taking its toll on your mental wellbeing. They say a change is as good as a rest, and certainly we see many candidates who aren’t unhappy in their jobs but just need a change.

At 4Leisure Recruitment, we work with gyms, pools, beauty salons and spas, and leisure resorts around the UK. Some of these are in the most amazing locations. We have placed beauty therapists in beachside hotel spas, lifeguards in the most wonderful open swimming locations, and gym staff in beautiful luxury health clubs and private facilities.

Giving your staff a change of scenery

What can you do to give your staff a break from the same old views? As is the case in many jobs, not just those in the leisure industry, you can’t simply change the location of where staff can work effectively. For example, it would be hard to take a lifeguard from the poolside just to give them a bit of visual variety.

There are things you can do, such as rotating staff through all the different areas of your centre. This will also allow them to develop different skills, and keep things interesting in other ways as well as visual. You can provide the odd day away from ‘the office’ such as a team-building excursion, or a visit to other leisure facilities for fact-finding and inspiration.

Where leisure staff are able to work from home occasionally, then enabling this will not only stop the ennui of the office environment but also cut down the time they waste commuting and add positively to their work-life balance efforts.

Investing in your club décor is also a great idea. Not only will this provide a much nicer working environment for your staff, but could also help customer retention and attraction too. No-one wants to work or play somewhere that looks neglected. Actively seek the input from the people who will be there day in and day out when you’re planning a refurbishment programme, or just giving a wall a lick of paint.

While it takes more than some snazzy wallpaper and some new lighting to retain staff who really are determined to make the move, just some small changes could keep someone with you for a little longer, reducing costly and time-consuming recruitment programmes.

Are you looking for a change of scenery?

If you’re a leisure professional getting a case of the Mondays every day, then you need to speak to us.
A change of scenery could be all you need to get the spring back in your step.

Colleges need to do more to prepare therapists for work

By Jean Wing Hing, Director of 4Leisure Recruitment.

This week, I have spent some time up in Manchester attending Professional Beauty North, one of the biggest beauty industry events in the UK. It was fantastic meeting so many new beauty industry professionals who specialise in a huge range of disciplines, and good to catch up with more familiar movers and shakers in the UK’s beauty industry.

I was also there to speak on a specialist panel on a topic entitled “How can colleges meet ever changing needs of the beauty industry? What should colleges focus on?

With our collective knowledge and experience in helping newly qualified therapists into the world of work, I was able to contribute to a discussion with other beauty industry professionals including Monika Mohindra from LoveBeautybyMM, and Liz Holmes from Virgin Active, and answer questions from the audience.

Jean at PB North September 2015

Jean Wing Hing (far right) at Professional Beauty North

The general consensus from the panel was that colleges should spend more time on preparing therapists for work. That could encompass a range of things such as interviewing, job hunting, and managing expectations.

In particular, my focus was on educating them on what the career routes look like for them and how to get there. There needs to be a concerted effort to provide a more comprehensive overview of what employers are looking for in each role and how therapists can best prepare themselves for the workplace.

I indicated that the biggest gripes employers currently had included poor timekeeping, lack of commercial focus and drive and poor customer service skills. It’s no good having a therapist who can give a fantastic massage or pedicure if they’re not showing up for appointments on time, or who don’t understand the difference a little customer service can make.

I was also keen to point out that the change in living wage is likely to have a huge impact on the sector for a number of different reasons. For example, employers are going to be increasingly demanding of commercial skills to ensure they can still drive profit, and the likelihood of smaller businesses failing due to overheads being unsustainable. They are going to expect more for their larger wage bill.

The panel encouraged colleges to drive wider, more generalist skill sets rather than highly specialised ones often driven by media trends, where there may be a lack of employment opportunities. In a skilled job such as beauty therapy, commercial focus and customer care are equally as important – the employer has a better quality worker, and the employee has a set of qualities that can be carried through their career no matter what specialism is currently in demand.

Our message to colleges is that teaching specialized technical skills is not enough for the current and future demands of the beauty industry. This is about having colleges focus on specific skills and also in equipping their students with relevant business skills that can be adapted no matter what the ever-changing beauty industry can throw at them. The latest massage technique may one day go out of fashion, but commercially focused therapists will always be in demand.

Want to know more about our college-to-work beauty therapy scheme Rising Stars?

Rising Star programme from 4Leisure Recruitment

Rising Star – from spa and beauty training to spa and beauty jobs

Have you heard of our Rising Star programme?

Our Rising Spa programme has been designed by a team of industry experts to bridge to gap between spa and beauty training, and spa and beauty jobs.

New therapists, while well qualified and talented, often face barriers when it comes to making the move into the spa and beauty industry. The programme is designed to give rising stars a head start on their spa and beauty career path.

As specialist spa and beauty recruiters, we work with a range of businesses and recognised brands, who work with us to help develop the spa and beauty therapists of the future.

How does it work?

For newly-qualified therapists, we provide advice and training through workshops and seminars, and provide temporary and contract placements in spas and salons throughout the UK. We provide industry-specific training in areas such as retail sales, complaint handling, general conduct, and preparation for work.

We keep our therapists updated on new training and development opportunities and provide ongoing support.

Spa and beauty jobs

Ultimately, the aim is to help give therapists the skills they need to make the move from beauty student to beauty professional. We equip our therapists with the skills and attitude that beauty and spa employers seek, and work with employers to tailor the Rising Star Programme to adapt to the changing demands of the spa and beauty industry.

We then help graduates to find their perfect spa and beauty job, and employers to find their ideal therapists.

For more information about the Rising Star Programme and how you can be involved either as a therapist or an employer…..

Call us on 01895 450640

Or e-mail spa@4leisurerecruitment.co.uk

Rising Star programme from 4Leisure Recruitment

Spa and beauty jobs are one of our many leisure industry specialities, which also includes fitness jobs, lifeguard jobs, and leisure executive positions. Our collective years of experience both as leisure professionals ourselves and as recruiters has shown us that often the leap from leisure student to leisure professional can be daunting and frustrating.

Although courses equip students with the skills they need to carry out a leisure role, sometimes they don’t teach skills which employers are looking for, such as customer service, or general work skills. A spa therapist may leave college being able to administer a very good massage yet unable to upsell or be unfamiliar with the rigours of a working day. Rising Stars is a bridging programme which fills in the gaps.

Our Rising Stars programme aims to be the benchmark in helping to produce spa therapists who are not only super-talented but super-employable and a fantastic asset to their employers, and to the spa and beauty industry in the future.

Qualified beauty therapist? We need you!

Spa and beauty jobsDo you have qualifications in beauty or spa therapy?

We are currently seeking therapists for work around the UK, particularly in the South-East for various roles, both permanent and temporary.

We offer a competitive rate, and work with some of the best spas, hotels, and salons in the UK.

If you’re looking for something to fit in with your commitments, want to expand your work experience, or just earn good money, then please get in touch with us to find out more.

How to contact us……

Monday to Friday 9am until 5pm, we are in the office – you can call us on 01895 450640

If you prefer email, please use info@4LeisureRecruitment.co.uk – if you have a current CV, please feel free to attach it, or you can simply request more information, or a call back from us.

Please browse through our Spa and Beauty jobs while you’re here but bear in mind that due to the urgent nature of some roles, we don’t put all jobs on the website. The best thing to do is to contact us and let us know you’re interested.

Don’t delay – get in touch today!

CIDESCO to launch management course for spa professionals

We’ve been noticing for a while now a skills deterioration of managers in the leisure club industry. Back in October 2013, we mused that maybe this fall in management skills was due to employers not sticking their necks out and empowering their employees so that essential management skills could be developed properly. We don’t believe that leisure professionals are less talented, but that the opportunities to develop management skills have been somewhat lacking.

We are heartened by CIDESCO’s announcement that they are to provide spa management training courses which will be internationally recognised. Sadly, the courses are only as yet available to CIDESCO’s own graduates, but we like that it is a post-graduate qualification which builds on a spa therapist’s training, and is not just a paint-by-numbers management course trying to fast-track inexperienced therapists into spa management jobs.

So if you’re CIDESCO trained and want to move upward into spa management, then we recommend you get in touch with them to find out more. Their website is http://www.cidesco.com/

spa and beauty jobs

Meet the Team: Our Spa and Beauty Jobs Specialist Shelly.

Spa and Beauty Jobs

Shelly Dawett

Meet Shelly Dawett, the specialist recruiter for our spa and beauty division. Shelly has a wealth of experience of matching beauty professionals to jobs everywhere from boutique salons to 5* spa hotels.

Shelly has her brains picked on a regular basis by recruits and employers alike. So she’s kindly given us some answers to some of the more common questions.

In no particular order, here are some of Shelly’s Q&As.

Q – How do I make the transition from salon to premium spa?

It is important a beauty therapist understands that there is a lot more involved in their job role other than being able to perform a treatment, or socialising in a salon, especially for those wishing to pursue a career within premium and exclusive spas. A treatment cannot simply be good it must be memorable. It is imperative that therapists make their clients feel as comfortable as possible by being welcoming, friendly, and responsive to their needs. Always aim to be personable; a client wants to remember who is responsible for making them feel happy, relaxed, and stress free. We find that the premium spas require much higher standards of professionalism and grooming and the ability to go the extra mile is vital. It’s also well worth continuing with your own personal development. It demonstrates you are committed to your career and a range of qualifications on your CV will get you noticed by the more exclusive spas.

Q – How important is image in the spa industry?

Therapists will always carry out their work in close contact to their clients therefore they must ensure high standards of personal hygiene and grooming are kept at all times. No one would feel confident in having a treatment by a therapist who fails to take pride in their appearance. Premium spas will always look for therapists who can accurately reflect their brand both in appearance and conduct.

When working within a premium spa environment beauty therapists must demonstrate a high degree of professionalism and courtesy at all times. Making sure they give their clients full care and attention is of the utmost importance. Quality spas tend to attract a lot of attention and therapists will find that often they will have very busy agendas. Excellent time keeping is essential as no client wants to be kept waiting to have their treatment or feel neglected. This means building in time to turn the room around and prescribe products without making the client feel like the treatment is being cut short.

In essence, if you’re well groomed, articulate with a strong work ethic and professional manner, you’ll stand a much better chance of securing work in the more exclusive spas.

Q – Why the beauty and spa industry?

I have a genuine passion for beauty. I find the beauty industry is forever evolving and always in demand. Whether it be new treatments being explored or products being launched there is something different to discover every day. This is evident due to the vast amount of spa businesses opening or being transformed across the UK.

I get to meet business owners who have a passion for delivering exciting new services and products but who really want to make their client feel special, and I get to speak to therapists who are passionate about what they do and really appreciate the opportunities that we can offer them.

There are many exciting opportunities to take advantage of and it is great to be a part of an industry continuing to develop.

If you’ve got any questions for Shelly, or any of our specialist recruiters, please get in touch.

If it’s beauty and spa jobs you’re looking for, then please come and search on our website. 

Spa and Beauty Jobs round-up – January 2014

January is usually a busy time for those in the recruitment industry. It certainly is for us here at 4Leisure Recruitment, and this time around we have noticed a particular rise in Spa and Beauty jobs. Spas are becoming increasingly popular as people are cutting back on foreign holidays and discovering the joy to be had closer to home. More importantly, they need good therapists!

If you’re interested in working as a beauty therapist, a spa manager, or a New Product Development Executive, then look no further. This is our pick of the spa and beauty jobs we have available as of today.

spa and beauty jobs

Beauty Therapists – we need you!

If any of these takes your fancy and you’d like to know more, please give us a call on 01895 450640 or email info@4leisurerecruitment.co.uk ASAP! We’d love to hear from you.

Beauty Therapist Jobs

Full-time, permanent position in Hampshire. £13k – £14k dependent on experience

Temporary in Tetbury, Gloucestershire for £8 – £10 per hour

Senior Beauty Therapist, Bayswater, West London. £18k + commission

Temporary in Huddersfield, Yorkshire. £9 – £10 per hour

Temporary in Dorset for £8 – £10 per hour

Many more roles available in London, the Home Counties, Bristol, and more. Please come and browse our jobs on our spa and beauty jobs page.

Spa Management Jobs

Berkshire – Permanent role for £24k plus bonus

North Yorkshire – Permanent role circa £24k

General Spa and Beauty Jobs

Operations Manager, Central London, £30k + bonus

New Product Development Executive, London, £18k, graduate entry role

Export Sales Assistant, London, up to £20k

We currently have 31 jobs on our site ready to be filled. Please visit our spa and beauty jobs page for more details.

If you are a spa owner and would like more information on how we can help you find the perfect spa and beauty professionals for your company, please call us today on 01895 450640.

Spa and beauty jobs

Do you need spa professionals? Please get in touch.