Dress for interview success!

As a specialist recruitment company, we are often asked for our advice on dressing for success, particularly for an interview. While it would be nice to say that your appearance doesn’t matter and that recruiters and employers judge you on your obvious skills, we know that this is not the case. We highly recommend all recruits pay close attention to their appearance, whether they are applying for a job as a lifeguard, a beauty therapist, or as a senior manager!

It can be confusing to applicants in the leisure industry – those who already have jobs as lifeguards, or personal trainers, or beauty therapists obviously don’t wear business suits. It is said that you should dress for the job you want, not the one you have. This is great advice if you happen to work in an office based role or similar, but is terrible advice for anyone else. You may want to work as a zoo keeper, but it doesn’t mean you should turn up to interview in overalls and wellies!

We say you should always err on the side of caution in an interview situation. You should wear smart clothing. It must be clean and neat. Most leisure industry jobs are public facing and the employer needs to know that you know how to present yourself appropriately. The keyword here is “appropriately”. If you work in creative industries, for example as an advertising executive, or fashion designer, then you need to give the employer the impression that you are not overly mainstream and are an appropriate person for creative thought and practice. In leisure, it’s all about self-presentation. It’s highly appropriate then to be smart, clean, and tidy, and show that you have taken some care and effort for the interview.

First impressions are essential – people will often form a snap judgement about you before you’ve even sat down. You need to look professional for others to take you seriously as a professional – so that also means no chewing gum, and taking off your sunglasses please!

Clothing is highly important, but don’t neglect your hair and face. Men should be clean-shaven, or at least have tidy facial hair! With jewellery, less is more. If you smoke, please wait until after the interview to avoid clinging aromas.
So remember this……..

Dress for interview success

There is some more brilliant interview style advice here from Forbes Magazine. Yes it’s American but some advice is universal.

This video, also from the US, features a HR professional and a business stylist who share great tips for dressing appropriately for work and the importance of dressing to impress at an interview. Advice that stands the test of time.

And if you’re looking abroad for work? This article from Recruitment Buzz could be vital.

Good luck!



Not just a one trick pony!

Very impressed with the 4Leisure Team with the diversity of roles filled in the last quarter. Whilst some may assume that we just service the operational face of leisure businesses, the Team set out to prove that if you’re a good recruiter, your can recruit for anything!

We’ve even surprised ourselves with a couple of these:

  • Property Manager
  • Trainer & Business Development Manager
  • Regional Sales Manager
  • Client Implementation Support Technician
  • Maintenance Assistant
  • Contact Centre Team Manager
  • Group Retention & Product Manager

If you think you can provide us with a suitable challenge, get in touch!


Do meticulous or excessive interview processes deter candidates?

Interviews are getting longer!

With a shortage of highly skilled, highly experienced candidates on the market, you might expect business would be keen to make quick appointments to secure the available talent.

But we’ve seen a trend over the last 12 months, that with some of the more established leisure operators, the interview process is actually becoming longer. Some candidates are even going through five or six stages including interviews, assessment centres and profiling over periods of up to six months.

There is an argument to say that employing a long and meticulous process engages candidates more effectively, gets them bought into the business and ensures that people really want to work for the business. Many operators will say that “if they want to work for us enough, they’ll wait.”

And that works in theory, but does it work when there is such competition for talent? We can talk from experience of candidates who have withdrawn from interview processes at the latter stages because another business has moved faster and made an offer.

Are businesses taking an arrogant approach and burying their heads in the sand? Placing all of your faith in your employer brand is a brave move in this climate.

Or do businesses need to change their recruitment strategy to reflect the current market?

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The Importance of Employer Branding in the Recruitment Process

Traditionally, the focus of an interview is for an interviewer to find try to find out if an interviewee is right for their business. But what messages are interviewers relaying to potential candidates about their company and do those messages reflect positively on the business?

Are you mirroring your company’s brand values and vision when you interview?

Full article: http://recruitmentbuzz.co.uk/the-importance-of-employer-brand-in-the-hiring-process/

Personal Branding: Do I need it?

If someone asked you what your Personal Brand looked like, could you tell them? And even if you could, would it help you get a job? Here at 4Leisure, we’re all in favour of being able to sum up your essence in a nutshell but here’s an interesting article on why you should have a Personal Brand prepared, just in case….