One Year on – Meet The 4Leisure Recruitment Team – Tom Lewis

A year ago we were delighted to introduce our newest team member – Tom Lewis. Tom joined the Health and Fitness division and we were excited to bring him on board.

 The last year has flown by and has been an amazing one for all of us here at 4Leisure Recruitment and we thought we would just look back and check in on Tom’s first year with our recruitment team.

HI Tom, Firstly congratulations on your first anniversary with us! Now tell us some more about the last year…

What do you enjoy the most about being a leisure recruiter?

I’m thoroughly enjoying speaking to different people on a daily basis, whether that is a candidate looking for their next opportunity or a client discussing a new role, the networking and conversations are constant which keeps things exciting with slightly different objectives and outcomes each day. I’m lucky to work with a great team in the office which makes it all the more enjoyable.

What skill did you bring to the team which has been the most useful?

I think amongst my loud talking, walking around the office talking to people on the phone, I have developed myself into the designated snack provider. Everyone “complains” as they are not exactly the most ‘healthy’ snacks, but within 5 minutes they are all tucking in! Other than that, I hope I have been able to bring another dynamic to a positive and vibrant office with some good laughs and jokes, but a serious approach where required.

What’s been the high point of your 4Leisure Recruitment experience so far?

My first placement was extremely satisfying, not just because I felt like I achieved something great and made a difference to someone’s career, but I have been able to develop that respective company into a key account which has led to some real success over the last 12 months

What has surprised you most about working at 4Leisure Recruitment?

It’s such a fast-paced environment with a constant growing task list and an everchanging set of priorities. There is always someone to speak to or an objective to pursue. It’s certainly not an environment where success will fall into your lap, 110% is required at all times with desire and a passion for what you do so important to drive you on every single day.

How are the dogs?

The dogs are great, I have not been able to bring them to the office yet but I am sure I will in due course! They might be a little too distracting being so playful.

All in all, I have thoroughly enjoyed my first year in recruitment, mainly due to the nature of the role very much suiting my style and approach to the way I work, but more importantly how easy it has been to fit in with the team. The support from James, Jean and Amy has been better than I could’ve hoped for, but also the camaraderie within the office when things don’t go how you hope, we are all there for each other to pick up and move on quickly which is key in this role! I’m looking forward to another 12 months and beyond!

Thanks Tom, we have thoroughly enjoyed your first year of many too, ‘healthy’ snacks and all!

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Do recruiters use social media to check on candidates?

Do you think about what you post on your social media accounts? If you’re looking for a job then you should!

Recent research by CareerBuilder found that around 60% of recruiters in the US use social media to garner more information about a candidate. We imagine it’s a similar story here in the UK, though we’ll leave it to you to guess whether we are in the 60% ourselves!

Read the full article at –

Do recruiters use social media

The truth is that it is irrelevant whether you think it’s ethical for a recruiter to check out your personal social media feeds because it goes on regardless. It is part of a recruiter’s job to make sure their client is getting the best possible candidates for consideration. If you’re actively looking for a job, then you need to be careful what you post.

You may think that no-one really looks at your social media postings but once you cross the line and post something, it’s no longer a secret. Whether you have 1 follower, or 1 million, the content is there for all to see. Let’s hope Gary Lineker doesn’t regret this tweet from earlier this month.


Whether or not Gary is right or wrong in his early assessment of Leicester City’s likely league finishing position, it would take a very brave man to go back on this promise, especially as it’s been retweeted over 33,000 times, taking the reach of this lone tweet into the millions. OK, Gary is a very famous seller of crisps and will inevitably attract attention, but when you’re looking for a job, you’re trying to catch the attention of potential employers and those tasked with working on their behalf. Probably best to not give off a bad impression of yourself.

To make a bad impression of yourself, according to the research, you should use bad language, use inappropriate or provocative photos, show yourself up as a racist or bigot, bad-mouth your current or former employers, or show general poor communication skills.

To create a good impression, you should use a professional photograph, share updates which support the skills you claim to have, and have good communication skills.

It’s not a good idea to stay off social media altogether either – around 40% of employers say that lack of digital presence is off-putting. Maybe in this age of almost everyone using social media, it looks suspicious if you don’t.

So what can you do? First of all, look at all your social media accounts and put yourself in the recruiter’s shoes. Is there anything in there which would make a recruiter think twice before recommending you to an employer?

Then improve your accounts. Can you add positive stories to your accounts which reinforce your professional image? Can you replace your dodgy profile pic with something more professional, for example.

Going forward, employers have been known to use social media to keep a check on employees, so don’t think that the game stops once you’re safely in the job. Be mindful of what you post on social media all of the time – you never know who might be watching!

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How to…..attract candidates in a flat leisure job market

How to attract great leisure industry candidatesI don’t know about you, but I’ve noticed a reduction in the number of skilled candidates recently. Whether this is because leisure companies are getting better at hanging on to their skilled, experienced staff (very important in a people-centric industry) or less people are choosing to pursue a career in leisure, I’m not really sure yet, but as one of the UK’s leading leisure recruiters, we’re certainly seeing the pool of job-seeking leisure professionals shrink, while demand for good leisure staff is as high as ever. Well, we do like a challenge!

This doesn’t help you if you’re looking for skilled staff to push your leisure business forward and expand, or to fill gaps where staff have moved on to pastures new. If you’re finding that recruiting the right staff for your business is more challenging than usual, then you’re not alone.

Here’s what you can do to give yourself the best chance of finding great candidates, and making sure your preferred candidates say yes to your offer.


Have a look at whether your pay offer is competitive. Check out what your competitors are paying (especially those who tempted away your last skilled worker) and see if what you’re offering stacks up. Yes, you may have been competitive 18 months ago, but things can change quickly. Recent introductions such as the National Living Wage have altered the game considerably, especially for those at the lower end of the pay scale.

Read this article about the importance of pay in retaining employees


While pay is fundamentally important to lots of employees, if you’re on a strict wage budget then it’s not always possible just to solve a problem by throwing money at it. Can you offer other things which could tip the balance in your favour?

Free membership and use of your facilities may not appeal to everyone, but if the gym is something you own and control, then it’s worth a try. Same for product based companies – can you offer a substantial discount on your products?

If you’re a big company, you could negotiate a group buying discount which you can pass on to your employees – private healthcare is popular, or store discount cards so your staff can save money on their essential outgoings.

If you’re a small company or a start-up then what about offering share options in your company as a bonus, or for longer service? This is a great incentive for staff to help make sure your business is a success, and gives the staff a reward for their hard work.

Working hours

There is more demand for flexible working hours. Employers have an obligation to take seriously all requests for flexible working, and where the employer cannot or is not willing to help the employee out, then that employee is more likely to start looking for someone who can.

If you can offer ‘better’ hours, then you may give yourself an advantage when attracting good candidates. Listen to what your candidates want in terms of flexibility – maybe they just want to work fewer weekends, or have the option to leave early a couple of days a week. Some flexibility on your part may make working for your business that little bit more of a viable option.

You might like this article on why leisure staff may want to work more flexibly 


If you have a great pay offer, some nice benefits, and offer a degree of flexible working then you sound like a great option for good candidates. If you’re not shouting about this, then you should be! Make sure that candidates know what a great company you are to work for. Great marketing should sell your brand and your business not only to paying customers, but also to potential employees, so get your company out there and make sure that your job vacancies get under the noses of the right people.

Are you that great candidate that leisure companies are looking for?

If you’re a leisure professional in demand, then now is a great time to move. With fewer leisure professionals chasing a high number of vacancies, you’re in a great position to negotiate, not only with your current employer, but also with potential employers.

Speak to a specialist leisure recruitment company – we know a good one! – and see where you sit in the market, and to assess your worth. Look at what other companies are paying by keeping an eye on current vacancies, even if you don’t want to move just yet – it’s a great way of seeing what’s out there.

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