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Frequently Asked Questions

How much work will I get?

This varies dependent on the needs of our clients but we always prioritise our top performers and give them first refusal of any bookings.

When does pay go in? 

Provided we have a signed timesheet and the relevant registration documents have been completed, payments are made on Friday afternoons, one week in arrears.

How do I get paid? 

Your pay is paid directly into your bank account.

What if I'm struggling to get to my booking? 

You're first call should be to the site that you are trying to get to. Please let them know as soon as possible if you are having any problems getting there. Then, please contact your Consultant directly on their mobile.

Who do I need to contact? 

Contact details and any other relevant information specific to your booking will be emailed to you prior to you attending. Any other queries can be directed to our Consultants on 01895 450640.

Some of Our Clients