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Job title
Assistant General Manager - Leisure Centre in East London

About Role

As Assistant General Manager you will be looking after a complex business with a 2m turnover per annum. Working with your team, volunteers and stakeholders in the community your relationships will be key to successfully driving your business forward.

You will be responsible for the strategic plan to deliver our vision of getting the community active. People are at the heart of this role. Working with your team to develop three key areas: commercial development, community engagement and client management. You’ll need to manage a diverse group of people across a wide portfolio of services. Generating a surplus is key to future investment at your site.

As Assistant General Manager you’ll need to be able to deliver the vision for the business across your team. Your ability to relate to people with great ease, through your teams will be the most crucial part of your role.

You will be a leader of change, taking the whole team in the right direction with our strategic aims. You’ll be commercially aware and able to understand what opportunities there are within your business, and how to maximize these to support on-going business development.

You will need to be credible in your leadership role. We want to see where you can demonstrate working in a similarly complex and diverse organization.

You need to bring the following skills:

  • Leadership of diverse and multi-disciplined teams and volunteers.
  • Strong affinity to our vision, especially around ensuring everyone has the chance to be active.
  • The ability to motivate and inspire your team to want to achieve ours and your ambitions.
  • Commercial awareness and the ability to recognise commercial opportunities.
  • Experience of managing projects and working with business development teams to deliver complex projects.
  • Experience with, or understanding of managing client relationships.
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