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Temp to Perm Solutions

Get candidates that fit your organisation

Do you need to fill a role, but you can’t afford a drop in productivity while you recruit a permanent employee? Or maybe you want to see what a candidate can do before you commit to offering them a permanent role? If you’ve experienced one of these situations, our Temp2Perm solutions are ideal for you. 

Why choose our Temp2Perm solutions?

Hire a temp with our Temp2Perm solutions and you’ll get a significant discount if you decide to offer them a permanent role. What’s more, with our Temp2Perm solutions, you can:

  • Assess candidates thoroughly. You’ll get the opportunity to see what a candidate can do on the job.

  • Compliment your permanent recruitment activities

  • You can feed temporary employees into the recruitment process for permanent roles.

  • Maintain productivity

  • Spread the cost of recruiting

  • You get to assess your candidate’s ability while they’re contributing to your business goals.

  • Save on permanent fees

How do our Temp2Perm solutions work?

We’ll supply you a superb temp and once they completed an allocated number of hours, you’ll get a substantial discount on introductory fees if you offer a them a permanent role. To find out how you can save money and improve productivity with our Temp2Perm solutions, call us on 01895 450640, or drop us an email.  


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