Confidential search

Thursday, March 18, 2021

For businesses, managing sensitive appointments is never easy. But using the right support network significantly minimises risk.

In 2020 a high profile spa and beauty client need to make some significant changes at senior level; a difficult prospect in the middle of a lockdown and having already made numerous redundancies.

The HR Director approached Jean to undertake a confidential search and selection project. Not being able to release company names always makes recruitment tricky, especially if the company wants the very best talent available but the client knew 4Leisure would take all the necessary steps to protect the business but still deliver the final result.

Key to this project was understanding the core business objectives before identifying sectors and businesses that aligned both in terms of ways of working and culture. 4Leisure presented the case that, rather than a traditional approach of sourcing the best from the sector, to really level-up the business, it needed external influence and perspective.

Within 3 weeks, the business had secured and began onboarding two new regional level managers of the highest quality. Six months later and both regions are performing well in excess of 2020 results whilst bringing in new structures and processes from the dental and retail sectors that the business is adopting across the board.

 If you have a sensitive appointment to make and want to know how we can help, get in touch today.