Affordable franchises on the rise

Monday, May 17, 2021

At 4Leisure, we're always keen to present people with new opportunities. It's what we live for. Sometimes it fantastic jobs, sometimes it's short term assignments but we're also keen to share opportunities for people to change direction and take more control of their lives.

Throughout the lockdown, we've seem more and more people re-assessing their lifestyles and searching for opportunities that will give them better work/life balances, more intrinsic rewards and more control over their own destinies. Franchising has always been an attractive proposition to investors but for individuals wanting a template for success as well as resources and expertise, most franchises are beyond the realms of affordability. However, some pragmatic companies, having cottoned on to the desire for motivated people to have their own business, have developed some much more accessible opportunities aimed very squarely at that very market.

We love the idea. And that's why, we've teamed up with fitness franchisor Rise to provide some superb opportunities to for passionate fitness professionals to own their own businesses.


Start your own business with RISE, the New Fitness Franchise Designed for Modern Times

Post-COVID, values have changed, people want more than just a workout for their money. They want nutritional advice, expert support 24/7, progress tracking, hyper personalisation and to know that they are in a group of like-minded people.

RISE has been created to provide consumers with flexible, modern and most importantly sustainable methods of achieving their fitness goals.

RISE was so named as the member journey is aimed at raising people’s fitness, energy and confidence levels.  Our unique blend of face 2 face workouts, every-day mini-challenges, nutrition and online coaching is aimed at increasing general daily activity levels in subtle ways. By creating a manageable weekly calorie deficit, a controlled loss of body fat follows, results show, motivation increases, and long-term habits are formed.

Central to the RISE philosophy is improving overall activity levels, this means optimising in-workout calorie burn and boosting meaningful activity when they are not at a RISE workout. RISE not only measures activity, but also improves and gamifies effort.

Featuring 3 phases, Toner, Teams and Finisher, the 8-week milestone plan provides enjoyable, in person, 50-minute progressive workouts designed to build fitness and confidence.

There’s also an online element delivered through our very own app.  Personalised daily advice, motivational comments and access to digital workouts means that the RISE member feels fully supported every day of the week.

Our blended approach builds digital appreciation, which is both a key element in the retention of RISE members and the creation of a sustainable and predictable business.

Request our free brochure and find out how we can RISE together.